Admiring The Show - Welcome to Chippendales Season 1 Episode 3
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Steve travels to India for his father's funeral, bringing Velveeta cheese, his mother's favorite. She chastises him for going to America. 

Meanwhile, Steve repeatedly tries to get a hold of Irene, who goes out clubbing with Denise and Nick and tries cocaine. 

Nick and Denise write a rock opera as a new act at the club. 

Steve asks his mother to come to California to live with him and Irene, but she declines. 

When Steve arrives back in Los Angeles, he discovers that Irene has hired a full-time repairman, Ray, and he gets a taste of Nik and Denise's opera. He forbids Nick from doing it and yells at all the employees. 

Nick tells Denise they should quit and open a rival club, but the two ultimately decide to stay. 

Steve decides to make a Chippendales calendar, and Ray takes pictures of both the dancers and other men at his house. Once Nick and Denise arrive at the club and are informed that the dancers are with Steve, they go to his house and interrupt the shoot, with Steve eventually asking them to leave. 

From there, Nick leaves Denise and heads to the airport, where he looks to travel to New York City.  

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Welcome to Chippendales Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Irene: Is he gay?
Denise: Sometimes.

Nick: Now, all I need is a fucking brilliant, new routine.
Irene: Well, you are the one and only Nick De Noia.