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We meet Guillermo who takes the documentary crew to meet everyone. He is Nandor's familiar.

Next, we meet Nandor.

Nandor calls a meeting with Nadja and Lazlo. 

Nandor is talking about himself and his history.

The vamps go into the library and Nandor bring up hygiene about the vamps not cleaning up after their messy deaths.

Nadja talks a bit about her life with the vamps. Lazlo is there as well and he talks about his history.

Back in the library, the vamps are still in their meeting and finally they read the letter. It's from the Baron who is going to visit them.

Lazlo and the others give a bit of information about the Baron. The Baron apparently slept with both Nadja and Lazlso separately.

The vamps discuss plans for the Baron's arrival.

Colin Robinson makes his appearance. He's an energy vampire. Colin comes into the library wanting to know what's going on but the others don't want him there.

Guillermo talks about his job as we see him doing his tasks, one of which is getting rid of dead bodies.

Guillermo tells the crew how he finds virgins in LARPers groups. 

Nadja and Lazlo talk about how the came to this country. There is an incident in the park where they are insulted by a couple of guys who tell them to go back to their own country. They kill them after a brief discussion.

Nandor goes grocery shopping in full "costume" to get things for the Baron's arrival. Guillermo is with him. He wants glitter and is fascinated with "creepy" (crepe) paper.

Nandor talks about Guillermo.

Nandor checks out and throws a coin at the cashier who thinks they're very weird.

Nadja talks about the "other" man she's been seeing. She's stalking him. She talks about an affair she had with a human named Gregor who she thinks this human she following is reincarnated.

Nandor takes everyone downstairs to look over where they might have the blood feast.

The Baron arrives in his coffin at the dock and the vamps arrive to bring him home. None of them can sign so Guillermo has to do it.

Guillermo still thinks Nandor is going to turn him into a vamp which is why the Baron is there.

Nadja is back stalking "new Gregor" and she introduces herself to "Jeff Suckler". 

The vamps are waiting for their virgins that Guillermo invited for the blood feast: Jenna and Jonathan.

Nadja and Jeff are walking and trying to get to know each other.

Nadja leaves o return to the house for Baron's appearance. Nandor has glitter on his face. He looks ridiculous.

He orders Guillermo to open the Baron's casket, but it opens by himself. The Baron feasts immediately.

Nandor orders Guillermo to get the virgins.

The Baron makes a proclamation. The Baron notices the cameras and asks about them. He wants the vamps to rule Staten Island. Then he decides he needs to take a nap, flirting with Nadja and Lazlo on the way back to his coffin.

The vamps talk about how screwed they are and how their meeting with the Baron was a disaster.

Nandor goes to find the virgins but find Colin is there draining their energy with nonstop talking.

Nandor tells Guillermo he knows it's his anniversary and while Guillermo thinks he'll become a vamp, Nandor made him a glitter picture. Nandor is amazed when Guillermo tells him is been 10 years of service. He's also upset and disappointed and actually opens the curtain so light hits Nandor's cofffin.

Then someone opens a board in the basement where the Baron is and a stream of sunlight comes through.




What We Do In The Shadows
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What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

They would call me Nandor the relentless because I would never relent.


Being a vampire's familiar is like being a best friend, who, who's also a slave.