Valley Voice Festival - When Calls the Heart
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Tom is depressed about J.B. Sweeney getting the money. Nathan stops by, saying the police arrested Sweeney and got the money back that Ned wired them, but Sweeney gambled the money away from the other choirs. It comes to $300.

Privately, Nathan tells Elizabeth if Tom can't refund the money, he could be charged with accessory to fraud.

As Rosemary and Lee talk, Elizabeth grabs Rosemary for an emergency choir meeting. Tom tells everyone that Sweeney conned them out of their money, but Nathan assures them he's been arrested and their money will be returned.

Tom admits that Benson Hills and Jameson weren't so lucky, and he accepts full responsibility. Nathan and Elizabeth cover, saying they're going host a fundraiser -- their own choir festival to raise the money to pay them back. Everyone loves the idea.

While Lee meets with Maisy, Rosemary barges in excited about the festival and accidentally reveals that JB Sweeney conned them out of money. Maisy confronts Tom and demands that Nathan arrest him. Nathan manages to pacify her temporarily, saying they're raising money.

As Clayton Pike arrives, Nathan asks Rosemary and Bill to keep things lowkey and routine. Once he's in jail, Rosemary begins questioning him, saying that his mom is concerned he's going to jail for something he didn't do.

They've figured out he confessed only so his mom could get her hip surgery, but he's terrified and won't say more.

Jacob Canfield approaches Cooper and Angela, who are setting up a lemonade stand. He introduces himself, and they're excited he came, and so is Minnie. Unfortunately, Jacob refuses to stay at the cafe unless Joseph apologizes, so they're at a stalemate, and he leaves.

Minnie rushes after him, hoping to get some answers. She's horrified to learn he hasn't sung or been to church in 20 years. She urges him to stay and get to know his niece and nephew at least before returning to the cafe. She tells Joseph he needs to make it right.

Nathan catches Allie singing, but she needs help, so he plays guitar and sings with her. Elizabeth and Jack catch them. Jack wants to join in, but Elizabeth thinks they should let them have a moment alone.

Henry catches Joseph in thought, but Joseph needs a friend to talk to. Henry gets Joseph to understand that the reason he hurt Jacob may not be necessary as long as he regrets hurting him so they can begin making amends.

Lucas visits Clayton Pike, but he won't reveal any names, saying if he does, they'll kill him.

It's finally the festival day, and Ned and Florence look adorable performing their duet. Lucas welcomes everyone. Jacob shows up and admits he doesn't want to miss Angela playing the piano.

The kids set Joseph and Jacob to meet in the library. Joseph is still unsure how he hurt Jacob, but since he did, he’s profoundly sorry and concerned that he stopped going to church and listening to music.

Joseph now realizes that he stopped singing with his brother after he met Minnie, and that hurt him, and he couldn’t do it without Joseph.  Joseph tries to apologize to Jacob, but he's not ready yet.

Clayton warns Rosemary and Bill as he leaves to give up the hunt, or someone will get hurt.

Everyone is counting the money. They've raised around $200 to pay Benson Hills back, but they're still short on what they owe Jameson. Maisy demands that Tom be arrested, but Lucas offers to pay the difference from the culteral fund.

As they begin the final number, Joseph is disappointed that Jacob left, but then Minnie spots him and invites him on stage with them. The brothers finally make peace.

The episode ends with dancing at the Queen of Hearts and a sweet moment between Nathan and Elizabeth.



When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 8 Quotes

Maisy: Constable Grant, I want this man arrested for theft.
Nathan: I don’t think that’s necessary.
Elizabeth: We’re going to raise the money to pay you back.
Maisy: And if you don’t?
Nathan: Then you can press charges.
Elizabeth: Nathan, you’re not actually going put Tom in jail, are you?
Nathan: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Tom: How could I have trusted him? All those people handed me their money, thinking they were going to the choir festival.
Elizabeth: You couldn’t have known that Sweeney was a crook.