Edwin's Plan - When Calls the Heart
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Bill traveled to Capital City and replayed and timed the events of Lucas's attack.

Lucas, Lee, and Mike signed the papers. Lee stated that Mike would be in charge, but he'd occasionally tend the bar and help out. Lucas stayed behind, and Lee inquired how things were with Elizabeth.

Nathan dropped by the school, and things were awkward with Elizabeth. They both pretended they were happy Lucas was back but preferred the new normal.

Angela and Cooper keep fighting. While Minnie scolded them, she was confident they would work it out.

Bill tells Nathan about his trip to Capital City and tries to learn who was driving the car. Nathan knows Montague is sketchy, but he's unsure Montague is the mastermind.

Elizabeth meets with Toby about his math. He can't understand it and doesn't know when he'd use it.

Rosemary knows too much, including that Bill went to Capital City and that he suspects Montague. He admits the Mounties cleared him too quickly. He's not thrilled that Rosemary has a call scheduled with Montague but agrees to her plan if he listens in.

Mike and Mei have a date at the cafe. Mike mentions that their five-month anniversary is approaching, and they have decided to celebrate. Finding somewhere they won't run into their friends is difficult, but he's up to the task.

Jed Campbell complains to Lee about the changes the resort will cause. He talks to Rosemary, too, who took his complaints seriously and wrote them up in the paper.

Rosemary mentions to Elizabeth that Lucas's return is causing a buzz. Elizabeth hopes the two of them can become friends again.

Nathan and Bill push Lucas to add extra security. He asks if there has been another lead in the case, but Edwin wants it shut down, and Lucas agrees they should focus on the resort.

After seeing Lilly run around the cafe, Minnie thinks they have a childcare problem. While all the ladies are willing to chip in, they need a location for a daycare center. Henry offered his space for free, and all of the ladies volunteered for shifts.

Things are awkward when Elizabeth runs into Lucas, but he assures her he's on the mend.

Rosemary begins her phone call with Montague, who initially says he wishes Lucas well on his resort, but then things turn ugly when she mentions Lucas's shooting. He maintains he was at another event in Union City with 100 witnesses.

Elizabeth catches Toby crying, who is concerned there is something wrong with him since he can't do math. She'll work with him until they find a better learning technique.

After that, Elizabeth and Nathan talk about Lucas's situation. Edwin brings a bid from Montague to Lucas, which he refuses.

Lucas asks Elizabeth if he can borrow her and the kids for a promotional photo. They end up at the same spot that Mei took Mike for their romantic picnic.

Randall Rockwell shows up and reveals that this land belongs to Benson Hills while he and Rosemary are talking about the photos. Edwin knew, too, and Lucas was in the dark. Bill gives Nathan an update about the phone call.

That night, Lilly is sad she doesn't have an aunt like the other kids, and Faith offers to be her aunt. Angela and Cooper are still fighting, so Joseph tells them how his brother and he are estranged and the kids make up.

Even though Rosemary found a photo of Montague in Union City, she and Bill are still convinced he was involved in Lucas's attack. Lucas announces he's staying in Hope Valley.



When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

Bill: There’s a reason I haven’t reached out to him. If I tip my hand, he’ll know that I’m involved, and he’ll clam up.
Rosemary: Which is why it’s the perfect cover if I’m the one to call him.

They barely checked the alibi. Montague could have hired Pike as the driver, and now he thinks he’s free and clear.