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Lucas arrives at Elizabeth's house to find Nathan's horse tied outside. He leaves.

Inside, Nathan is presenting Elizabeth with Florence's bridal bouquet. She wanted Elizabeth to have it.

Nathan looks cold, so she offers him coffee. He's been cold, and she offers a pair of Jack's gloves. She also offers to warm his surge.

They discuss marriage at the thought that Florence thought Elizabeth was the next to be.

Elizabeth is practically gaga over helping Nathan don his surge.

They have a meet-cute goodbye which is witnessed by Rosemary, who rushes off.

Elizabeth closes the door, her back to it, with a look of desperation on her face.

Robert is helping with Jack while Elizabeth starts school again.

Henry and Carson talk about the offer Carson is wearing. Carson wants to ask Faith to marry him. At the same time, Faith is with Fiona lamenting that very thought.

Fiona recently went home to see if there was still a connection between her and her ex. She was once engaged, but their love changed as they did. The spark is gone now, and she finally feels free to let love in again.

Clara talks with Florence about marital discord since Florence returned from her honeymoon. Florence assures Clara that Ned stayed behind to attend to some business. Clara doesn't buy it.

Minnie is excited to be working at the cafe, especially today since they're moving and Joseph is unloading the wagon without her.

The school inspector enters the cafe, and Minnie rushes out the back door.

She rushes past Lee and Rosemary, too. Rosemary is wondering how far it is from town and the Canfield's old cabin. She's up to something.

Rosemary is taking over Lee's office, which he finds a little annoying. She's reading maps.

Lee decides to leave his own office so his wife can do what she's doing.

Lucas hopes that Elizabeth would come to lunch with him. She's not very good company, she says, and he sees her looking at Nathan riding away.

Elizabeth begins telling Lucas what's up, but Minnie interrupts with news about the inspector. If he messes things up, Angela will be so disappointed. Elizabeth assures Minnie everything will be OK.

Joesph is going to be working with Lee at Coutler Lumber.

The inspector is visiting with Elizabeth. He notes she creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for her students. But when she's chilly, he wonders if he's unwelcome. She reminds him that she has no desire to join the school district, and even accounting for growth, she can accommodate another dozen students. But he expects over 100.

The Board of Education report has that information, so she needs to read up on it.

Rosemary wants Lee to drive to the Canfield's old cabin. He's not interested. She wants a clue about the business and real estate transactions. Nobody knows what's happening, and it's the darndest thing.

Carson takes Faith to the cafe to propose to Faith and asks Minnie's help to surprise her. But Faith knows this is the big moment.

Elizabeth takes the papers to Bill for his help stopping what's about to happen.

Elizabeth and Nathan run into each other again, with Lucas watching.

Wyman wants a haircut from Fiona. He says he never got to the nearest town. He's a little bit contrary. She has no interest in the building since she rents. She asks him to leave.

He's buying the place from Mr. Weaver, and if she wants to stick around after, she's more than welcome.

Rosemary is met with gunfire upon her arrival at the Canfield's old cabin. A man offers his hand, and she initially turns it down but needs it. He apologizes on behalf of his zealous officer.

The man is wearing a badge. She tries to get info on the new ownership, but he just smiles and sends her on her way.

Fiona is waiting for Nathan with news about Wyman. She offers Waldon's business card, and Nathan interrupts him holding a meeting with the town at the Queen of Hearts.

Clara has lost the wedding ring in some pudding when Faith finds him wrist-deep in it. He really loves that pudding, they say.

Nathan's discussion with Wyman is interrupted by a call from Florence. Nathan cages him until he returns.

Everyone meets Rosemary and Lee at the infirmary. Rosemary says the men are Pinkertons.

Florence hasn't been able to get through to Ned, and she's distraught.

Mike took a couple of days to himself, but Fiona was looking for him. She uses the switchboard to call him.

Henry has received a letter from Christopher, who has included a photo of him and Rachel and tells him he loves him.

Bill has bad news for Elizabeth. They can shut her down given eminent domain. Her immediate problem is a subsection that she needs to be credentialed to teach blind children. If she starts the school year out with Angela in her class, they can remove her immediately.

Nathan visits Canfield's property and is greeted by Special Officer Spurlock, who explains what happened, asking after Rosemary. They've been hired to look after private property, and Spurlock wonders if he and Nathan are headed for trouble. You can count on it, Nathan says.

Elizabeth visits Landis at the Queen of Hearts, bypassing Lucas to do it. Mr. Landis wants to see children receiving the best education possible, and she thinks that's good. It turns out that Landis is concerned about Angela holding back the other students, which cannot be allowed.

She's happy that they're at least talking. Clara visits Wyman in jail, and he wants to explain his business with Jesse.

Carson explains his situation with Faith to Lucas. The elusive brass ring taunts everyone, and Lucas has been there.

Carson thinks if Faith loved him enough to leave, he wouldn't have to put a ring on it. It just wasn't meant to be.

Elizabeth snuggles with Jack, singing to him.

The Canfields have moved in just down the street. He asks after Rosemary, and Elizabeth rushes over to see her. She's thrilled that Rosemary is doing something important that she loves. Still, their friendship is fractured.

Lee and Nathan find the car stuck in the mud, and Jesse's nowhere to be found.

Wyman tries getting into a conversation with Bill after refunding Jesse and Clara. Bill wonders what's coming down the pike. Wyman says there will be a lot of greed coming to the valley, and Bill kicks him out.

Spurlock seems to read Wyman the riot act while Bill peers through the window.

Mr. Landis and Elizabeth connect again. She begs to be allowed to teach a bright, capable young girl who has never known what it means to attend a school with other children. In response, he'll be staying to see that she's shut down.

Faith thought for sure Carson would ask her to marry him, but she knows that she's making the right decision to stay.

They toast to Hope Valley.

Lee gives Clara the bad news about Jesse. He doesn't make her any happier when he says the mountain is treacherous. But he thinks Jesse knows the mountain like the back of his hand.

Clara spent so much time bickering, and she just wants him home.

Lucas visits Elizabeth to tell her that from his perspective, Elizabeth hasn't found her true love, and he's setting her free to find it.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Lucas: Elizabeth, you've always maintained that love is worth fighting for, and that includes when it needs defending.
Elizabeth: Lucas, come in.
Lucas: Allow me to finish. Please. I appreciate your telling you took Nathan aside to assure him he wasn't to blame for Jack's death. But I have to admit, I witnessed the discussion. I also noticed his horse here the other day. And while I'm not resentful, from what I've seen and from what you've told me, I believe that you and Nathan still-
Elizabeth: Lucas.
Lucas: Love is not just an emotion. It's also an act of will. It can't be demanded. It can't be forced. I want you to find your true love. And, in order to do that, I want, I need to set you free.

Nathan: Well, thank you for warming me up.
Elizabeth: Thank you for the flowers.