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Neal feels conflicted when an innocent gets caught up in a scan and Peter worries that their entire operation may be put in jeopardy. 

Neal meets with the Pink Panthers, only to find that Keller is the only one to make the meet, and he drops the news that he and Neal will be working together on their next heist.

While Neal makes the meet, Peter and Diana determine that Keller must have a handler, following Neal to see if they can ferret out and approach Keller’s handler to forge a relationship. Their first attempt is unsuccessful

Keller tells Neal that they must infiltrate Atlas Tech for an important piece of tech, and suggests they use Amy Harris, Executive Assistant to the CEO, to do it. Neal is hesitant, but given their 72 hour window, Neal realizes he will have to be the one to get the in. He sells it by making Keller the bad guy who wrongly hits on the single girl, allowing Neal the opportunity to solidify his burgeoning relationship with Amy.

As Neal’s relationship with Amy hits the next level, Peter sniffs out Keller’s handler on a park bench. The reception is less cordial, but a far cry from potential partnership. Peter presents an ultimatum.

El and Diana bond over motherhood, but El worries about Peter’s future involvement due to the demands of his job. Diana assures her she has the best kind of partner in Peter.

When Neal tries to surprise Amy, Keller is not far behind in a guards suit, potentially compromising the whole endeavor. At the same time, Mozzie is trying to get into the server room, only to find what appears to be pretty ancient technology.

A hardcore floppy disk complicates the issue because they have to steal the original, find a way to download it and then put it back. Unfortunately, that means that Neal will have to use Amy again to make the

While Luke, Peter and Mozzie attempt to find a way to excise the information they need from the disk using old school methods, Neal tries to distract Amy during their dinner date, and June gets in on the fun. But when the boss comes back early and realizes something important is missing from the vault, Amy ends up in the crosshairs.

Peter decides one way to circumvent the problem is to admit to Amy's boss what happened. But when Peter leaves Luke alone with the assets, Luke skips out on Peter in an attempt to get the upperhand. He slips the disk to Keller, who sells out Neal and they are forced to use Amy in the con one more time, which she doesn't appreciate. Instead of getting the upperhand as Neal tried to arrange for Amy, she quits and decides to move back to Iowa, disgusted and disenchanted with the city.

It turns out the disk is actually an algorithm that randomly assigns international airports, flights and airlines and another set of numbers together that might have to do with transporting things.

White Collar
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