White Collar Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Uncontrolled Variables

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If nothing else, White Collar Season 6 Episode 3 signaled a significant change in the character development of Neal Caffrey.

At the same time, he faced his long-time enemy, who seemed more sinister than usual, and his handler, who is rogue and reckless.

Neal and Peter really had some drama on their hands!

This is probably one of the first time we have really seen Neal struggle with the idea of getting an innocent involved in a con. Where he once seemed all too eager to demonstrate to Peter how easy it could be to manipulate, you could tell Neal was genuinely pained to have to manipulate Amy. And to be honest, it was hard to watch because, much like a few of the other women that have temporarily crossed paths with this heartthrob, I liked her!

What I was genuinely surprised by, though, was Keller ruthlessness and willingness to pull out a knife and threaten her life. What a thug!

Then there was that moment at the end where a very jealous Keller preyed on what is clearly Neal's deepest weakness – and greatest strength – the people around him and their safety. If you'll remember all the way back to White Collar Season 6 Episode 1, Rebecca, whom he had genuinely developed romantic feelings for, was dead on the concrete in front of the FBI building, to which Neal had a front row seat – and likely thanks to these Pink Panthers.

But I think what Keller was aiming for was much more personal than just the threat of Pink Panther revenge if Neal should achieve his freedom, I think he is expressing a deep envy for Neal's ability to connect with people and the support group he's managed to forge. I think Keller has always been jealous, but it didn't really hit me until watching this installment.

Of course, I am not too keen on this Luke character, either. Here's hoping they can manage to kick him out with the other Interpol trash!

What is worth discussing is how appreciative I am of White Collar's use of a floppy disk as an integral part of the case, along with the mention of MS DOS. Mozzie was pretty classic with his goggles trying to put the whole thing together. What I likes most was what they were able to find on the disk. Do you think for 80 KB they would have been able to host an interactive map like that? I'm no expert, but I am willing to vote no! The power of television, people!

But what do you think that third set of numbers need to? We have flights, locations and airlines. Could that third set lead to a geographic location? Be a time? I am certainly curious and waiting with anticipation to find it out.

Before we close, let me take a minute to say that I appreciated getting to see El and Diana bond over motherhood. And, in the end, Peter and El reaffirm their relationship. It gave me the warm fuzzies!

What do you think there is left to learn about that old school floppy disk? Do you have an idea about that third and final set of numbers? Go back and watch White Collar online, then come back here and leave your best guesses in the comments!

Uncontrolled Variables Review

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