Amanda Breaks Down - Will Trent
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Back in 1995, Amanda was working alone because Evelyn had to go to parent-teacher conferences. Her captain starts ranting, but she cuts him off to do a traffic stop. As she asks the man for his license and registration, she sees bleach and nails in the back seat.

When she flashes back to the present, Will is upset that she never told him about the threatening calls or the warning on the elevator, which feels targeted. Initially, Will thinks it's the night janitor, Mr. Garza, because he could turn off the cameras and recently wrote Amanda hate mail.

Amanda jumped on that lead, saying they should check it out and she would come with them and apologize for yelling at Mr. Garza. However, when they get there, a car takes off fast, and when they get inside, Amanda is hovering over Mr. Garza's dead body.

Michael is stressed getting the kids ready for school when Angie drops by saying they landed a huge case, the GBI janitor's murder and Amanda is a suspect.

Edie Reynolds, the GBi Director, says that APD is in charge of the case, and while she believes Amanda is innocent, this case needs to be by the book. Michael acts like a jerk as Will examines the body.

Angie tells him to back off as Will deduces the murder weapon was a coffee grinder. Will tells Edie that Amanda is being threatened, and they beg Amanda to talk to him. She finally reveals that she arrested someone on drug charges, and he was a serial rapist, Chuck Murray, who was just released.

Amanda admits Chuck hates her, but she doesn't know the connection to Garza. Amanda had hoped it was Garza and a petty argument, and it wasn't Chuck Murray. She's scared, and Will doesn't understand why she won't tell them everything.

Angie and Michael talk to Chuck Murray's dad, who won't let them talk to Chuck because he believes the cops harassed him before. He mentions the black lady cop from the 90s who arrested him and kicked them out.

Michael hints that Amanda is guilty, while Angie believes Amanda's story of giving Mr. Garza CPR. The APD captain says they need to do things by the book and check out Amanda's condo.

Amanda flashes back to stopping Chuck Murray and his refusal to give her his ID. Instead, he knocked her out, threw her on the ground, and started beating her. In the present, she meets him at a diner, and he taunts her about that night.

He taunts her to reveal what she did to him, or he'll keep torturing him. At the same time, Michael finds the murder weapon at Amanda's condo.

While both the APD and the GBI know she's innocent, they're doing it by the book, asking her to take a leave. One cop, Officer O' Hara,, starts ridiculing Amanda and Faith, and Faith almost attacks him.

Angie and Michael hold her back and admonish the cop. Will and Faith realize Amanda's keys have been missing and think Chuck planted evidence.

When Amanda is released, Will insists she's staying at his place. He gets her to admit that Chuck violently raped her and things were different back then. Her father wanted her to hide the attack, and she was trying to earn a promotion.

So, instead, she built a case against him, but one of the other rape victims was scared to testify. A few weeks later, he was arrested for 28 grams of cocaine.

Will realizes that was the exact limit for the intent to sell and is horrified she planted drugs on Chuck Murray. Amanda stands by her decision since he couldn't rape anyone else.

Angie tries to make peace with Faith, telling her that Leann Garza is missing and asking for her help.

While Amanda and Will are jogging, they argue because he doesn't understand what she did, but he still wants to help. As they argue, a SWAT team arrives and pushes Amanda to the ground. Will protests, telling them to check with Edie Reynolds.

Even after she's released, Amanda is shaken and ready to confess her part in a press conference.

Faith, Angie, and Michael find Chuck's workshop with photos of Amanda with red X's through them. They hear a noise, and Michael uses a crowbar to loosen a door and release Leann Garza. Angie calls Will and tells him Leann can identify Chuck Murray, and they found Amanda's keys.

As he's relaying the news, a car crashes into them. Amanda is most concerned about Will, and it is Chuck who tries to attack her again. As he tries to shoot Amanda, Will shoots Chuck.

Gina's sister, Nancy, brings the kids home. Michael learns that Gina was depressed and went away to get better. She needed space to figure this out on her own.

Amanda tries to talk to Faith, but she's mad that Amanda got off when her mom didn't.

Michael explains to the kids about Gina and that they'll get through it as a family.

Amanda and Will struggle to discuss what happened.





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Will Trent Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Chuck: You look good, Amanda. Do you still think about me? That night we got real close.
Amanda: Give yourself up.

Will: Then you got a threatening call on your personal line. I didn’t get that call. Did you?
Faith: I did not get a call.