Meeting His Uncle - Will Trent
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Will and Betty are nervous about meeting Antonio, but he brought his dog, too. Antonio is overwhelmed because Will resembles Lucy.

The two men hit it off and have so much in common, including that they both have dyslexia. They begin to bond in Spanish when Will gets a work call.

Amanda tells the team that Judge Ringgold died. He joins Angie in the car, and the judge is planted in the backseat. Angie is more interested in hearing about his meeting with his uncle than the case.

It appears the judge was shot elsewhere and planted there. They find hair fibers on her neck and think someone hugged her. Will is curious about the stamp on her hand and how she spent her night.

They got a ping on her phone, but reporters blocked them in. Amanda gets impatient while waiting for Faith, who is talking with Luke.

When they arrive at the building, Faith finds blood and Will notices it's a club. The drag queens assumed Will and Angie were there because of the recent harassment, and it turns out that the drag queen Gabe was the judge's son.

That complicated matters since they also found wig fibers and a bloody scarf, though Bon Bon Chiffon insisted they didn't wear cheap wigs.

Talking to Judge Ringgold's family only complicated matters more. Her new husband despised Gabe for being gay and bringing embarrassment to their lives. Gabe claimed he was kicked out as a teenager.

He explained he hadn't talked to his mom in years, but that night, she came by to make amends. His sister, Rowen, seemed emotional but wanted their mom's jewelry.

When Amanda catches Faith and Luke holding hands at work, she erupts, and Faith accuses her of harassing them and tries to report her. Ormewood stops the argument by showing them footage of a protester attacking the judge.

Faith and Det. Ormewood find the protestor outside the club the next day, saying it corrupts kids.  Glinda and Bon Bon start taping him, but he gets aggravated, says he has rights, and throws something that breaks Faith's windshield.

At the precinct, Det. Ormewood tries to play good cop and promises to delete the video. By being nice, he gets the protestor Barrett to admit that he did call in bomb threats to the club, so Faith arrests him on more charges.

Angie and Will return to the club and learn the judge dropped off her jewelry for Gabe, which eliminates him as a suspect.  Back at the precinct, Faith, Angie, and Det. Ormewood think it's weird the judge changed her mind abruptly and learned she did after almost dying in a car accident.

Will meets his uncle again. His friends join them, too, who don't like cops. Will mentions that he needed some cops to pay attention to when he was a kid.

As Det. Ormewood returns to the precinct with Cooper, and Gabe stumbles in to confess.  Angie and Faith quickly see the holes in his story and realize he was trying to protect his sister, Rowen.

They find her at the club at the same time Barrett has a knife to Glinda's throat. Will and Angie convince Rowen she's not alone and get her to drop the gun while Det. Ormewood and Faith deal with Barrett.

Cooper insisted her dad throw a potluck party, and Angie and Nico made Will go. Nico even insisted he bring his uncle.





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Will Trent Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Luke: You are so hot when you are working. I can’t even think. I don’t know how anyone gets anything done around you.
Faith: I am sure it’s a struggle for the whole department.

I’m sorry. You look just like your mother.