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Will arrives in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His uncle rescues him when Will orders the wrong thing for breakfast. Will found out where all the Morales were buried in the nearby cemetery. He also brought Lucy’s death certificate so they could add Lucy’s name to the headstone. Antonio loves that idea.

They run into his friend, Javier, and Antonio introduces him to Will. Will looks overwhelmed with the Spanish and excuses himself.

He goes to the beach and practices the Spanish he’ll need here. He sees a vision of Lucy, who praises him for his efforts in Spanish.

He’s haunted by his past and thinks anyone he loves ends up dead. Lucy thinks he’s too hard on himself, but that’s all he knows. She tells him to let go of the past, and she disappears as he walks into the ocean, breathes it in, and swims.

After chasing a suspect, Angie fell and hurt her back. She refused pain meds and only took Tylenol.

Will, Antonio, and Javi add Lucy’s name to the family plot. Will wants to leave something meaningful for his mom, and Antonio spills a little coffee, saying they used to drink coffee together before school.

The locals love Will and tell him about more long-lost relatives.  Antonio isn’t happy that Javi is dealing with a property dealer in Puerto Rico. Javi wants to know more about Will.

Javi brings Will a drink, and Antonio toasts to his family. They want him to stay, but Will misses Angie and Betty.

Michael resents that Faith has been assigned to help with this case, but she reminds him it's because he wished the victim dead. Michael maintains the victim was a child sex offender, but Faith says they still need to do their job.

A middle school swim coach, Jason Peters, got caught touching one of his girls. He spent five years in prison and was found dead in the woods three days ago with no witnesses. There was a cat donut toy in his mouth.  They wonder if a neighbor was mad he moved in.

As Will and Ang catch up, Antonio calls, panicked because he found Javi dead. Will rushes over, but Amanda doesn't want him to touch anything because the FBI is coming. FBI Agent Kristen Murphy arrives, but Antoni doesn't cooperate.

When she asks Will questions, he realizes an agent followed them in Puerto Rico and tries to find his uncle. He finds him on the subway and promises to help, but Antonio doesn't trust the FBI.

Antonio tells Will about the Independence Movement and how Puerto Rico didn't like it when the US gained control of them. The FBI started watching their homes and families, and soon after Antonio moved to the island in 1986, he and Javi found files to expose that program.

He wasn't comfortable with that life, so he changed his name and became a professor.

Faith found a palm print in Jason Peters's car, so they went to interview the suspect, Doug, who was in the system. He doesn't hide that owns a gun or dislikes Peters. The other residents defend Doug, calling him part of the neighborhood watch, and some urinate on Michael.

Antonio stops by Will's place, and Angie learns the unidentified male is Milton Clark, who has a reputation for blackmailing people. They need to learn who Milton Clark was blackmailing before the FBI does.

Doug admits he sprayed some skunk spray in Jason's car and admits everyone in the group chat wanted him to move and hates living by a convicted felon.

Max shows up after being in a fight. Some kids at school were upset Michael was defending a sex offender, and there was a damaging video, too. The video was by the Virtual Watchmen, saying the cops are targeting innocent people and divulging Jeremy and Max's personal info.

Will, Antonio, and Angie approach Milton Clark's assistant, who agrees to let them search the house but warns them the FBI already did. They find a USB drive that links FBI Agent Murphy and a realtor, Scooter McMillan, in crimes, but the files are still encrypted.

Amanda confronts Kristen Murphy and wants her out. Kristen runs into Antonio in the parking garage. They wrestle over a gun as he inquires how she knows Shooter McMillan, and she taunts he'll never get the evidence. As she shoots the gun, it's empty, and the GBI enters the garage.

She's arrested, and it's finally over. Faith and Michael find Elliot Danville, the owner of the Virtual Watchmen, and he's supportive of keeping them from solving Jason Peters' murder.

Angie visits Crystal at work and encourages her to visit a sexual assault survivor meeting. Ang offers to go with her.

Antonio has decided to return to Puerto Rico and says goodbye to Angie and Will. Will returns to work and learns that even more child sex offenders have been murdered.






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Will Trent Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Now, it can be the three of us.


Will: I love seeing where you’re from.
Lucy: There’s a part of you that’s from here, too.
Will: I don’t feel it yet.
Lucy: Give it time. You just got here.