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Wynonna brings all the revenants into the homestead. Waverly comes back to the homestead and tells Wynonna that Charlie is actually Julian.

Jeremy tries to synthesize some sort of anti-venom or protection against Bulshar, and Robin helps. They are suddenly attacked by Bulshar's beekeeper minions but Nedley saves them.

Julian explains that Juan Carlo and Julian gave Wyatt Earp a flaming sword in the form of Peacemaker in order to protect the Ghost River Triangle from the recently escaped Bulshar.

Bobo confronts Waverly and tells her that she needs to free him when the time comes. Nicole and Kate fend off a group of beekeepers, but Nicole gets stabbed.

Doc finds Nicole and carries her all the way back to the homestead. Julian uses the ring to heal Nicole and gives Waverly the ring instead. Doc also gives Julian the sword he found in the angel statue.

The battle begins at the homestead as beekeepers swarm the home, shooting. The revenants and the team begin shooting as Wynonna dashes inside to retrieve more shotguns and heavy-duty weapons. However, she is taken hostage by Bobo in the rear of the house where no one can see her.

Bulshar cuts her and draws her blood and a beekeeper is about to kill her when Waverly spots her and Julian rushes out to save her. Bobo uses his metal-controlling ability to take Julian's sword and stab him with it. He's about to stab Wynonna as well when Doc comes out and shoots him.

Waverly finally comes out and holds the ring against Bobo's face, using the magic in the ring to finally kill and free him.

Wynonna confronts Bulshar in the forest, but he disappears. She realizes that she used her blood to make himself mortal in order to ascend to the garden and that he broke the curse in order to do so. Waverly proposes to Nicole using Julian's ring.

Wynonna brings everyone inside the house but drugs everyone except Waverly to have them stay away from the garden. Waverly and Wynonna rush into the forest to confront Bulshar again, and Wynonna has Julian's sword.

They fight and Bulshar is about to win when Waverly pulls out Peacemaker, in the form of the flaming sword, from the stairs and, as an angel, names Wynonna as the hero so she can wield it due to Bulshar breaking the curse. She stabs him, but as a serpent he injects Wynonna with venom.

Doc rushes in and sucks the venom out. Waverly, however, is trapped on the stairs as a tree snakes out from the door up top and captures her, carrying her into the garden. Doc is able to cross over the border and goes after her to find Waverly.

Wynonna goes to find the team, but they're all gone. She goes to Shorty's and finds Nedley there. They join together, ready to fight.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Wynonna: I’m glad you’re here if it’s going down.
Waverly: I’m yelling timber.

I’ll take that as a “yas queen!”