You like that, bitch? I’ve seen Princess Bride like 70 times.

Wynonna: I'm just the girl with the big-ass -- ass.
Nicole: Girl.
Wynonna: You're right, them boots is tight.
Nicole: Top-shelf.

Waverly: I really, really love you.
Nicole: And I really, really hate this ring.

Waverly: I thought I had lost you.
Nicole: No! I’m just having some baby carrots!

Nedley: We cut through them like RuPaul cuts through performances without heart.
Robin: Yeah, I haven’t seen that show.
Nedley: Get your life in order, son.

Waverly: And, you know, your hair looks great.
Wynonna: Yeah, but is it end-of-the-world great?

Oh, hosejob, this is gonna kill Mama.

Wynonna: I’m glad you’re here if it’s going down.
Waverly: I’m yelling timber.

I’ll take that as a “yas queen!”

Wynonna: Let’s blow this Bulshar stand.
Mercedes: Ew, don’t say “blow” and “Bulshar” in the same sentence.

The universe is hilarious. My best friend’s great-great-granddaughter is sleeping with her baby sister’s daddy.


Welcome to the Purgatory Yacht Club, bitch.