An Unexpected Figure - Wynonna Earp
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Nicole evacuates Purgatory in preparation for the big showdown with Bulshar. Nicole and Waverly visit Charlie's body in the morgue, and Waverly purposely touches Charlie's neck in the hopes of something happening -- and he revives.

Wynonna wants to ensure that Waverly doesn't sacrifice herself so she knocks out Waverly and puts her in the back of her pickup truck. Charlie stumbles into town, confused at how he got there, and Wynonna sends him to send Waverly to safety.

Wynonna is confronted and taken captive by several revenants who find out she doesn't have Peacemaker, as Bobo told them. She is taken to Bulshar's lair as fielty as the revenants have a feast.

Wynonna finds Mercedes there, who has been taken as a wife, but she is enjoying herself and trying to survive. She discovers that she is Bulshar's weakness, as he had to sacrifice something when he created the Earp curse.

Waverly and Charlie go to Michelle's greenhouse to hide out. Doc convinces Kate to kill more people but he's hungry for Charlie's blood. Waverly learns that Charlie doesn't know much about his past and accidentally touches Charlie -- some of his memories come flooding back.

Wynonna realizes that she can kill Bulshar if she touches him, giving her a huge advantage. She convinces several of the revenants to let her out of her cage and mobilize as Bulshar escapes. She rounds up the revenants and marches back into Purgatory.

Waverly touches Charlie again, and they both see a memory of Charlie wearing the ring, kissing Michelle -- they realize that Charlie is in fact Julian. In the greenhouse, Doc enters, searching for Charlie's blood. Doc begins to smell the same smell on Waverly, and she realizes it is angel blood. 

Charlie reaches out and puts the ring on himself as his memories come flooding back. He easily knocks out Doc and grows a pair of angel wings, stating that he left Purgatory to escape but when Waverly crossed the Ghost River Triangle line, he felt his daughter calling out to him.

In the greenhouse, Charlie's blow broke the huge angel statue, and Doc finds something inside. At the sheriff's office, Bulshar enters and recruits Bobo for a job.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Nicole: Besides, I would be terrible at keeping Waverly anywhere. She can convince me to do anything.
Wynonna: Get a blazing phoenix tattoo all up your butt?

Waverly: This is bigger than you.
Wynonna: I’ll tell you what’s bigger than you — me!