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Wynonna and Nedley try to find a way to enter the Garden but have no luck and head to the Homestead where flashbacks reveal Jeremy carved 'Valdez' in the wall.

Nedley reveals he kept Dolls' Black Badge Division files and a file entitled Valdez posits that there may be an entrance to the Garden in Monument.

As Wynonna heads to Monument, she meets up with Nicole, who escaped from a train after she, along with Jeremy, Robin, Kate, and the remaining residents of Purgatory were captured by a shady government group.

At the BBD facility in Monument, Wynonna and Nicole meet Rachel, who is the daughter of Gloria Valdez.

Wynonna knows Valdez is dead but doesn't tell Rachel because she wants her help in finding a way into the Garden.

As the trio search for the entrance, they wake the zombie BBD scientists and Nicole falls into a grate and ends up in the Garden.

Elsewhere, Waverly and Doc are in the Garden but seem to have no way out.

There, they meet a former BBD agent who tells them they must feed the machine blood or it will get angry.

The man then cuts off his head with garden sheers, forcing Waverly to feed the machine her blood, which seems to bring the then desolate Garden back to life.

Wynonna Earp
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Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Nedley: You want to get a little more specific on our plan here, Warrior Princess?
Wynonna: Yeah, sure. Find and climb invisible stairs, yeat Waverly and Doc out of supernatural garden, uh, locate the rest of our squad, mosey on home, enjoy a curse-free life. And I’m going to look good doing it.
Nedley: You and me both.

You almost done? I feel like I’ve been standing here for two years.