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John is sitting vigil in Jimmy's hospital room. He has a compression fracture in his neck and two in his spine. He shattered his hip. Got a new one.

John has a litany of things that he shares with Jimmy, most of which is that Jimmy doesn't have to worry about the bill as long as he doesn't rodeo anymore. He offers a caveat. Learn to rope.

Mia walks into the room just as Jimmy's having his catheter removed.

The reservation has received a cease and desist order. As an attorney details it, it has nothing to do with the land. The company just doesn't want an Indian casino adjacent to the community.

The guy asks why Rainwater even wants to build a casino. Rainwater has a long explanation. In short, on land that hasn't been ravaged by man, they do fine. But since they live in a concrete world, they need to have the money to make sure the first world happens.

Mo thinks it's time for Rainwater to be like them. His people will never forgive him, but he's going to do it anyway. He calls Angela Blue Thunder while Mo contacts John.

Bob and Beth differ on the airport. She wants to short something. It will cut 'em pretty deep, and they'll come out swinging.

Big limos coming to the barn where the fun guy is training a horse. So fun knowing that's his job on the show.

It's Lynelle. She's in a suit as usual. She wants to go to the camp, but her men won't allow her to ride up, so Jake gets in his Defender and gets her ass up there.

She wonders where Kayce is. John laughs and shows her to the tents. John wants Jake to get Jamie. And take your time.

Lynelle chats with Kayce. She tries selling him on the job. She admits she wants to keep Montana growing without losing that thing that keeps it Montana. If she denies it, then they'll get someone who says yes. She shares her plans with Kayce. She doesn't take no for an answer and gives him free rein to run the office as he wants.

Beth walks through the field and climbs the fence with a bag of goodies for Rip. He's gonna get used to this if she's not careful. She wants to be his wife!

Lynelle wonders where her ride is. John has her captive for a cuddle and a drink.

She says he better not give her that look. The drop your dress and get in my tent look. He does it again, making her all warm and cozy.

Suddenly, she's spending the night. First thing in the morning, she says. Second, John persists. She can't resist John's charms.

Mia is still in Jimmy's room. She's concerned about his pecker. Seems fine. Good. She's ready to consummate their deal

He's not interested in being paralyzed, but he ain't saying no, either.

She teases him about being a virgin. She's a barrel racer. Losing your virginity is like a requirement to compete. He wants to slow down. She's too pretty. She's convinced he's a virgin. And he finally admits it. He's a virgin! Awww. So cute!

Mia's ready to be his first, giving that hip replacement a little something to achieve.

Everyone is gettin' a little action today on the ranch!

Kayce and Monica are in one tent, and John and Lynelle are in the other. Rip is leaving for his day, but Beth is crying. She's worried that she fucked it all up. The only reason he isn't counting tomorrows with her is that every fuckin' time, she runs away. Their conversation makes your toes curl.

Roarke gets the news of industry-wide panic as equities are in a freefall.

That fuckin' bitch, he says with a smirk on his face.

Mo has the sage lit when Blue Thunder arrives. She's unimpressed with Rainwater. He's getting ready to make a deal with the devil.

Monica is trying to sponge bathe Tate, but he runs off. Kayce hasn't broken the news to Monica yet that they've got to leave soon.

When they fall to the blanket to make love, the wolf is there again. Monica won't allow Kayce to kill him. Don't stop lovin' me to kill, she says.

Rip and Lloyd are at the auction. When getting their purchase into the van, Teeter needs to do the job right. Lloyd says Teeter's got all the men running scared.

Teeter has taken to callin' Colby Baby and herself mama. He's resigned to her actions. On their way home, they find bikers have cut their fence.


They're gettin' the hell beat out of them when Lloyd and Rip drive by and right over the bikes lined up on the side of the road. Fuck yeah!

Once they get the drop on them, it's all over.

Teeter had a helluva time.

Lloyd is worried that when the Sturgis freaks come back down the road, they're gonna fuck up the field somethin' fierce.

Yep, here they come. They see the bikes in the dirt and pull over. Dude comes to cut the fence again. They come with gasoline to find John Dutton with a few shotguns waiting in the dark.

John asks Rip to take down his tent at camp. He's going back to the lodge. His summer's over.

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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Dude: We weren't botherin' anyone. Just havin' some fun.
John: This field's mine. That fence is mine. You damaged both, and you came back to damage it more. This is my home. If I did this to your home, what would you do?
Dude: Well, I'd kill ya.
John: That's right. [wranglers come out guns drawn] [John tosses shovels toward the dudes] The man said if you didn't leave, we'd bury ya here. And you didn't leave. We keep our word in this valley.
Dude: Fine. We'll leave.
John: Nah, it's too late for that.
Dude: I said, we'll leave!
John: I don't want you to leave. I want you to dig.

Jimmy: How am I, how am I gonna pay for all this?
John: Well, the hospital's pretty curious about that themselves. [pause] Look at me. Hospital bill's not a concern, but you gotta make me a promise. No more rodeo.
Jimmy: It's the only thing that I ever, that ever made me feel like I was worth something.
John: Well, I figured as much. [digs into his bag and tosses a rope onto Jimmy] Learn to rope. All you're riskin' is a thumb, and you got two of those.
Jimmy: Mr. Dutton? Uh, thank you.
John: Yeah. Well, learn to rope, Jimmy. [laughs] I'm not payin' for this shit twice.