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Cattle camp. Tate wakes up and cowboys up to join John.

He slept! The change of scenery is good for him.

Beth wakes up to Rip cooking in the kitchen. He's making fried bread. She seems totally out of her element.

Rip ate hours ago, so he'll just watch her. She likes it but holds her hands in front of her mouth like a girl. He pulls her hand away from her face. That's not who they are.

She's crying, hardly knowing how to experience what's happening. It's almost too normal.

Monica wakes up and swings her feet over the side of the bed. She's alone in the big house. Jake doesn't want to give up his horse so Monica can ride with them. Jake cannot ride the damn thing. It's like a bronco. Monica wonders why he picked that one, and Rip assured her Jake ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.

John can't escape the constant calls he gets, so he has them move the entire camp higher up.

Jamie starts his first day as commissioner with a big smile on his face.

He has a call before he even gets in the door.

Some barrel racers got jumped by a couple of guys and stole their rigs, horses, and everything. If Jamie responds right, he'll make a lot of friends.

Monica arrives at the camp. Tate's excited.

Rip thanks John, making John uncomfortable. John wonders where "that girl" is and says maybe a girl in the bunkhouse isn't such a good idea. Rip thinks she kept the place honest. Well, it's his decision, John says. He runs the bunkhouse. That was Kayce's idea.

Kayce hears a noise and draws his gun on Monica. Then they get down with sex in the woods.

But the wolf is right there when the gun isn't anywhere nearby.

Kayce says if he wants to watch, just let him watch. And watch he does.

Monica is thrilled to see Tate sleeping. She wants it to be just like this every day, and Kayce says it can be. But it's just something they do on weekends and holidays, Monica says. Kayce promises to find a way to give her what she wants. She'll have to give up a lot, but she says nothing is easy with him.

Kayce wakes up to the cattle screaming out gently, but noticeably. He spies the wolf again, watching the cattle.

Kayce walks up and talks with it. Kayce assures the wolf that he's not his friend. Whether he likes it or not, that's the way it is. Kayce reasons with him, and it almost seems like it works. John was standing behind him. Apparently, his father could do that. Talk to animals, and they'd listen.

John loves that there are seven billion people on the planet and none of them know he's there. When they part, Kayce says goodnight, and he loves him. Oh my!

Talking with Bob, Beth realizes the suits are building an airport and a ski resort.

Beth discovers that Roarke Morris is the guy playing the shell game and that Roarke Morris is the guy from the river.

They banter again, and Beth learns that he's planning a two-terminal airport because people are just that goddamn lazy. He doesn't control what's happening, but he knows what's happening.

He plans on razing the place to make a city. Beth wonders about the ranchers. They won't have to be ranchers anymore because they'll be so fuckin' rich.

When Roarke tells Beth to mind the flowers, you know what's coming next.

Rip is watching ropers rope. Seems like he's looking for a new ranch hand, and a female at that. Since she has to be mean or ugly, he's got his work cut out for him.

Women work twice as hard and eat half as much, Rip tells Beth when she asks about the job fair.

The deputy catches the assholes who messed with the ropers and teaches them a lesson about riding in a trailer while screaming fuckers the whole time.

Except, it goes horribly wrong. He's killed 'em.

Sending Henden wasn't the best idea for Jamie's first day.

Beth is running around in her sundress when Rip hears a wolf screaming. He grabs his gun and heads into the corral only to find a very drunk Beth howling like an animal and rolling around in the dirt.

She's talking about being alone and doing whatever they want, and he puts on the lights and music, and they dance under the full moon.

John tells stories about Kayce and his wife in front of the fire. Kayce used to eat his mama's biscuits like a wild dog.

The last thing she ever said to John was that if she doesn't make biscuits, then she can't watch Kayce eat them. And that's why he loves Kayce so much, isn't it?

Agent Hendon calls Jamie from the Sweetwater jail. Jamie cannot believe it.

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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Randy: You can make a lot of friends if you handle this the right way.
Jamie: What's the right way?
Randy: The right way sends a message. You know what I mean?

Tate: I overslept!
John: Yeah, well, you slept. That's what matters.