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Colby is alive!

He's screaming for Teeter. Teeter!

She's alive!! They both made it out. She's shaking like a leaf. She's been pummeled in the head and is bleeding profusely. Colby grabs a first aid kit and staples her head shut.

They kiss, and she thanks him. She says, "That wasn't so bad, was it?" "You should have fucked me while I still had a face, but that's alright; we'll work on your timing."

All of this is done while Walker sings.

The song was about death. He feels like he's an expert on it.

The woman at the bar offers him a place to stay. He refuses, being damn miserable company.

Rip tosses him against the truck and beats him before stuffing him inside.

It's morning. Someone is making biscuits. John rolls over in bed. Kayce and Monica are chatting. She's super sore after her ordeal. He doesn't want her to ever do it again and suggests she goes back to bed.

Kayce wants to home school Tate. Monica is still teaching. Kayce suggests his father should do it because if Tate is going to run the Yellowstone, then it's all he needs to know.

That leads to a conversation about John's treatment of Kayce, and Monica doesn't want him making excuses. He needs to always remember that for what it is.

Monica, though, decides homeschooling is good for Tate.

Lloyd is waiting for Kayce. It's bad, he says. Lloyd doesn't want to accompany Kayce. This is between Kayce and Rip.

Rip is angry, he wants to know what the hell. Walker says he's on parole. He has to check in every couple of weeks. Rip thinks Walker will trade his freedom if given the chance.

Kayce wonders if he's willing to work for them again. Nope. So they need something they can hold over his head. Kayce holds out his hand, and Walker takes it.

Wade and his son are checking in with Roarke who discusses the benefits of nudity.

Wade doesn't want to go back to prison. Roarke wants them to keep pushing. Wade wants to bring in more men. Somebody better get dragged through the sagebrush, Roarke says. He wants John to do something he can't take back.

Kayce and Rip run into Rip and Colby. Rip calls for Lloyd to call the vet.

That guy makin' biscuits was the Dutton cook. I should have known that.

John decides to eat Choco Chips with Tate. Gator is worried for his job.

Kayce wants Tate to stay inside today. John wants to finish his breakfast before joining Kayce. Take and John both know something is wrong.

John arrives to two surprises in the barn -- Walker and Teeter.

John finally realizes that Wade's job isn't about buffalo. This is what he was hired to do.

John wants him taken to the train station, but not before Rip gets back what belongs to John.

Holy Shit! Will Patton is joining Yellowstone as Jamie's dad.

Jamie is going to meet his father.

When Beth gets to work, Willa is at her desk. Beth fucked with the bull. Beth is fired now that Willa's shareholders own the majority of Schwartz and Meyer.

Still, Willa wants Beth to work for her. It doesn't go over well, and after Beth is done tearing Willa a new one, Willa whispers, "I really like her."

Jamie arrives at Garrett Randall's place. Jamie finds the man in the barn using a sander.

Jamie introduces himself as the Attorney General of Montana. Says he wants to look at him to see if he recognizes a part of himself. Garrett calls him Michael.

Garrett says they were so strung out all the time that he used to think his wife was melting on him. Jamie needs to know why he did what he did. Garrett assures him that he doesn't want to know him. He killed everyone he ever loved and everyone who ever loved him.

Jamie rages on his truck before returning to the man. He needs to know him. Garrett offers him some coffee.

The wranglers are getting their guns on when Mia and Laramie walk in. Jimmy needs them to go. They're getting on the road to Oregon, but not before Laramie wonders where Walker came from.

Teeter is joining them.

Mia is concerned and thinks the place is losin' its luster. But Laramie has her sights set on Walker.

Wade and his son are ready to fuck with the wranglers. Wade wants to get the boys up there first, but the son is an idiot, saying there's one fuckin' guy.

They're being hunted like rabbits.

They're hot on Walker's tail when the gang of marauders gets up on them.

Wade starts firing, but that doesn't stop Rip from ropin' the man and dragging him behind his racing horse.

The son is felled by a branch. Kills himself on a rock.

It's a family dinner. Kayce feels wrong. Beth reveals she got fired, but bets they're not going to talk about that, either as they continue the illusion that they're one big happy family. An argument ensues, and Beth leaves.

Eventually, John is alone at the table.

Rip has Wade strung up. Rip needs a name. The mother fuckers that hired him. Rip is going to start cuttin' shit off of him. Wade gives up Roarke and asks Rip to let him down.

Rip enlists Walker to rip that brand off of Wade Morrow's chest. That's how he'll prove himself.

He carves the brand off of his chest, and Rip hangs the man, talking to his wranglers about the price of revenge.

Kayce joins John on the porch. They're all fine, he says, and apologizes to his father about the dinner conversation. There shouldn't be things like that to discuss, but that's life.

To kill evil, you have to be meaner than evil. That's the last lesson, to be meaner than evil, still love your family and enjoy a sunrise.

Walker accompanies Lloyd to the train station. Wade asks questions and Lloyd answers.

It's a branding. Teeter and Colby take the brand.

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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Kayce: Whats' goin' on?
Rip: I forgot somethin' that you forgot to get rid of.

Monica: I don't think your father and I share the same parenting values.
Kayce: He never spanked me once.
Monica: Nope, just burned his brand into you.