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Mia and Jimmy are in bed. She's questioning why in the hell he would take the brand. The rooster crows, and it's time for her to race out of there.

She goes to Lloyd to find Laramie, but Lloyd directs her to Walker's bed. Seriously, Mia says.

The wranglers are in the bathroom tending to their brands with ointment.

Jamie is at his birth dad's place looking around. It's beautiful. Garrett tells him he has no connection to this place, as it's a rental. Jamie wants to know if he has any brothers or sisters or any other family. Garrett still lays it on thick.

He still remembers the day he came home to find Jamie, sucking on the tip of a crack pipe like it was a nipple. Mom was bent over sick like some fat piece of shit. He knew that Jamie had only one shot at life, and that was without her in it. So he took her life and gave up his for Jamie. He thinks it's a fabulous decision. Everyone is getting ready for the morning. John, Beth, Lynelle, Monica, and Kayce.

Monica still jukes at Kayce's touch. She knows what it's like to be him now. They moved to the ranch to be with him, but now he's never here.

Monica realizes that Kayce really likes being Livestock Commissioner. He likes having someone vs something to fight for. She thinks the land needs their fight, too.

Roarke and Willa are at battle headquarters. Roarke calls Wade because he hasn't heard from him.

Angela and Rainwater meet. It's another beautifully shot scene.

Angela wants someone immoral to fight for them because winners are never judged by the how, they save that for the losers.

Beth asks Rip who he killed, and he says don't ask me that, Beth. She asks again, more seriously, this time. She says, "we don't get to do that anymore." Secrets. She wants the truth from him. He says there's things he does and things he's gotta get done. She doesn't want to know them. It's not a secret; it's a favor. She wonders how many. He says enough. She asks again. He continues dodging the answer. He finally admits he doesn't know.

She talks Nietzche. Nietzche believed there is no right and wrong. They both realize they believe in killing anything that threatens their love.

Rip tells John about Wade and then reports on who was pulling Wade's strings. John doesn't know who Roarke is, but Beth is speeding away.

This is the most beautifully filmed episode we've ever had. They're showing why the fight is so strong.

Kayce and John talk about destiny and John's correct impulse to set Kayce on the right path. John says he's all out of good days.

Mia, Jimmy, and Laramie have loaded horses into a trailer.

Jamie arrives at the office.

Mia can't shake the bad feeling. She needs to know why Jimmy took the brand.

They all gather in Jamie's office, where Beth walks right into his office and the others follow.

They don't need the bond on the ballot. Just as the discussion starts, Willa is accused of harassment. It's front-page news. Roarke takes over.

This is where Jamie takes over. Beth filed the paperwork in Utah, and the state of Montana doesn't recognize the power of attorney for other states.

He approves the sale of that tract. John is angry. He says it's not his choice. It's Lynelle's choice. She chooses to condemn the land, so if they don't sell, they're fucked.

Rainwater wants to see the Fish and Wildlife report on the impact of an airport next to the river that feeds their oldest national park. Angela says that will be the basis of their lawsuit, in case anyone is curious. They are ready to begin a class-action lawsuit.

Angela assures Roarke they don't need luck.

Things go south from there. When everyone leaves, Lynelle wonders if that was hard for Jamie. Nope. From now on, he's doing everything for himself.

Oh, Jimmy and the girls are at the rodeo. She forgot the shoeshine in her bag. A guy walks up wondering if Jimmy is done with rodeo. Jimmy doesn't want to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair, he says in answer to Mia, who is also goading him about quitting.

A girl who is paralyzed from the waist down is racing.

Mia tells Jimmy that when she saw a man who was risking his life to do what he loved, she fell in love. But if he's not willing to do that anymore, then she's taking a hike.

He says he's scared. She says she's scared every time she goes out there, but to cowboy the fuck up. She doesn't want him to be one of that rich man's cattle. She wants to rodeo the hell out of their lives. He says OK. This isn't going to go well.

Angela says that Rainwater has a window to get one over on John. She taunts him for following the white man's rules when they should be using their rules which have lasted an ice age.

She wants Rainwater to kill John to take his land or make him a slave.

Kayce has an office full of people who are happy Kayce is in office. They think Kayce should run for Governor. They're serious. They say that Kayce could print I Killed The Cattle Thief on t-shirts and sell them in church. They assure him that the smaller towns decide the governor, not the cities. The hippies don't vote. If they start holding elections in May, then they're fucked, but as long as the kids are more interested in hitting the slopes than voting, they'll always win.

Willa suggests that Roarke starts playing dirty. He's already playing dirty. She won't have her career suffer. She has no idea that it's not only her career they're willing to fuck with.

A woman is on the side of the road with a flat. John pulls over to help. The kid wants John to guess how old he is. She says she doesn't have anything to give him. He assures her that they only do things because it's the right thing to do. John offers to show her son a life skill.

Rip is asking to have his mother exhumed again. Rip is questioning the embalming. WTF is going on?

Jimmy is getting ready to ride a bronco. Fall off the horse, you just get back on. What an idiot. Jimmy is dead.

Beth is at the office taking all of her stuff. She's taking everything that belongs to her right down to the coffee. Her assistant opens a box. It explodes.

Then there are machine guns blazing outside of Kayce's office. He flips the desk, and they burst inside.

The kid lost the lug nuts. He set them down in the field when he peed. A van stops. Someone is going to kidnap John. Nope. They take 'em all down with machine gunfire.

Rip is calling Beth. No answer. John, either. When he calls Jamie for help, Jamie says Rip shouldn't call him anymore.

There is a horse down in the field. It's still alive. It's trying to get up. Rip has to shoot it.

Rip sees more vultures or whatever circling overhead.

John is on the side of the road, alive. His cell phone took the bullet to his heart. Doesn't that fuckin' figure, he says.

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Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Monica: You like it, don't you?
Kayce: I like having somebody to fight for rather than something. When you fight for a thing, the thing doesn't care if you win or lose because the think ain't alive. But when you fight for people, they care.

Garrett: John Dutton may have raised you, but did he love you, son? Does he love you, now? He loves the goddamned ranch. That's all he ever loved. You standin' here in my yard tells me you already know that. I'm your family, son. I'm the only one you got.
Jamie: Everything that I worked for, everything that I thought I was, I'm going to lose. I was raised to run that ranch. I built it into what it is today.
Garrett: Then run it.
Jamie: It's not mine. It's not for sale, not that I could afford it.
Garrett: Hell, nobody can afford the Yellowstone. The Yellowstone ain't a ranch, it's am empire. Empires you take.
Jamie: I don't know how to do that.
Garrett: It's the simplest thing on earth. You kill the
Jamie: I'm not a killer.
Garrett: You never killed? Yeah, you've killed. Of course, you've killed. You're a Randall, and killin' is our only gift.