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John is saddling a horse. He lets the horse know in advance that if he falls on the ground in a million pieces, it's not his fault.

Kayce finds dad riding and chases after him. John is nekkid in the water. It's a natural hot spring.

Kayce joins him.

Kayce thinks that Jamie didn't do it. They leased the land near the airport and didn't sell it to them. He did that for John. Kayce thinks the militia did it on their own.

John wants Kayce to use Jamie for the warrants to find out where he stands.

John wants to kill every goddamned one of 'em.

Jamie is buying himself a ranch.

A construction crew finds a buffalo skull resting next to a human skull.

The new woman running Roarke's business wants to stop stoking fears and start feeding their greed.

Her name is Caroline Warner. Rainwater is at the dig site where Ellis says that just because a body was found doesn't mean it's sacred ground.

Caroline wants Rainwater to build a destination casino that the wealthy will clamor to come. If he builds that casino, she will fund their project. She wants him to stop holding up the airport in exchange.

Seth has a wedding present for Rip. John wants Seth to put together a team that will win them money in competitions.

Beth is getting fired. She threatens Bob to take everything he has. When he threatens her in return, she says he should have read the fine print. He coowns the land, and she's the bigger bear.

Jimmy is struggling to get better. The doctor is encouraged by the scans. It's time to go home.

Haskell has the boy. He tried to rob a convenience store. The boy said she's his guardian. Haskell thinks the best option for the boy is if he goes to sleep tonight and doesn't wake up tomorrow morning.

Beth has a surprise for Rip. It's the kid. Rip kicks him out of the house. Once inside, Rip can't let the kid go.

Beth works rip like nobody's business. Calling him a little shit seems scary, but Rip is so gonna fall for him.

Rip takes the kid to the basement and probably locks him in. In the morning, Rip kicks the kid awake and drives him into town.

Rip kicks him out of the truck when he begins to light a cigarette. Rip sees the kid in the rearview mirror and backs up. He wants the kid to ask for something else. The kid can't ride or rope, but he can pick up trash. Rip and Beth got a kid.

He's a stall cleaner. Rip introduces him to John, who says maybe.

Jimmy isn't as fortunate. Jimmy broke his word to John. He can't make a man out Jimmy, so they'll send him with Travis and see if they can do it.

Guess he's getting sent to 666.

Rip was going to take the kid to the bunkhouse, but he takes him back home instead.


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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I am never early and I am never late. I am the constant your time adjusts to.


It's time for you to create your own, shadow, son, and stop standin' in someone else's.