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John is in front of the fire while Kacey and Haskell and Rip and Lloyd take down the militia one-by-one.

John is up and at 'em early, and he finds Carter in the barn mucking stalls.

Kayce accompanies John on his ride, not because he is afraid of John's health but because he doesn't know how much longer they'll be able to do it.

It's Jimmy's day to head out. Lloyd is sad about it. Rip says to leave his pride in the bunkhouse and let's get to work.

Walker and Laramie are still banging.

Mia and Jimmy are fighting. He says he has no one, and after all that she did for him to get him well, that's not what she wants to hear. She's fuckin' done with him.

Carter gets a ribbing from Rip.

Mo has a wife and son. He's also got the guy from the premiere locked up in his barn.

Emmett Walsh is waiting for Kacey. Trucking cattle is killin' him.

Jimmy wants to talk to Mia. She's not interested. John watches and follows Jimmy back to the barn.

John tells Jimmy it's not a punishment; it's an oportunity. John tells him that while down there, he'll represent John and the Yellowstone, so he better do it well.

Rip thinks Beth is treating the boy like a pet. She just wants to get him some clothes. She tells him to fuck off, and then kisses him and says fuck you again.

Kacey goes to see some guy about the cattle guards. Dude is not cooperative.

Rainwater and Mo deliver what they know from the prisoner. John has no idea what the hell is going on. He needs to see Mo's "trash," as Mo calls it. He gets the guy out of his trunk.

Kacey's dude doesn't want cattle on his property, so he put up something that makes it impossible to move cattle. He's raising laamas for the tax break, something that is so damned absurd.

Kacey puts the man under the contraption he built.

When the boy tries to get a shirt as well as the boots, jeans, and hat Beth offered, she leaves him in there with the woman who filmed her "abusing" him. Boy runs after Beth who gives him a talk about hard work.

Walker says that Jimmy is getting a great opportunity, and if he were him, he's never come back.

Kacey takes Monica and Tate plates. She hasn't come out of their room. Tate is under the bed. Kacey pulls him out from under it. The only thing that will make Tate safe is Tate. Tate isn't the one who is scared, it's Monica who is making him that way. She's screaming at Kacey for bringing them here. She thinks they're evil now. She says she hates him.

John tells the guy that he's annoyed for putting him in that position as he loads his gun. He asks him if he's shot a guy and where. John leaves the guy and the gun, but he's not shooting they guy. He wants to have and old fashioned shootout.

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Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

I don't know who any of these fuckers are.


Walker: So you wanna be a cowboy, huh?
Carter: Life kinda robbed me of my options.
Walker: That's how it usually starts.