Before or After - You, Me and the Apocalypse
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In the bunker during the apocalypse, we see Paula this time. 

Two days earlier. The President, Scotty, and Gaines are driving to the bunker at Mount Genesis. When they arrive, Gaines shoots the President. Inside the bunker are the Operation Savior scientists, who have been chosen to repopulate the earth. Scotty and Gaines don't want to save themselves, and plan to commit suicide later that night. 

At the Vatican, Celine disagrees with the cardinal's report on Jude. She wants to take his body to be buried in Slough. Celine goes to stay with Jamie. Jamie sends Layla and Frankie to Windsor while he attends Jude's funeral with Celine, Paula, and Dave. Meanwhile, Ariel goes to his Grandmother Sutton's house and tells him he wants his inheritance in exchange for keeping her secret that she's alive. 

In Virginia, Rhonda's case is heard and she is sentenced to death by midnight. Leanne gets put in the cell next to her. Her husband sold her out.

Gaines sends a message to the world saying Operation Savior failed. Jamie goes to get Layla and Frankie, but is intercepted by Sutton. She reveals that she's his grandmother and wants them to live in her bunker. Jamie agrees, but as they drive away Ariel hits them with a truck. Ariel kidnaps Jamie and ties him up in a bank vault. Ariel plans to impersonate Jamie. He runs into Dave and Paula, who are planning to get married, and they believe Ariel is Jamie. 

Larrson (Sutton's henchwoman) goes to Scotty and tells him about Sutton and the bunker. Scotty agrees to help save Rhonda for Spike's sake. Gaines and Scotty go to the military base and get Rhonda, but Rhonda wants to save Leanne too. Scotty gets shot by a guard. They all shoot their way out.

Ariel goes to Layla and Frankie, who both believe he is Jamie.

Celine gets a vision of God, who tells her that she is still part of God's plan.

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I don't have any moms. You got, like, 12 in the last month! How's that fair?


He doesn't even have the little hammer thing!