A Daring Stand - You, Me and the Apocalypse
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On the day of the apocalypse, we see General Gaines in the bunker. 

Seven days earlier. Everyone is waiting to see if Operation Savior worked. 

At the Vatican, Celine and Jude are hiding their relationship, but Celine doesn't want to hide it. Jude says that their work is more important than their relationship, so Celine chooses to return to the convent. Jude meets with a committee of cardinals who say they plan to anoint a false messiah in case Operation Savior doesn't work. Jude objects, but he his out-voted. Jude decides to leave the priesthood and be with Celine. 

In London, Jamie and Layla are searching for Frankie. Ariel left Layla a note, saying that he wants her back. Jamie and Layla decide to pretend to make a trade, Layla for Frankie. They all meet in a parking garage in Slough. Ariel and Jamie make the trade; however, Ariel brought a bomb, threatening to detonate Jamie. Frankie vomits on Ariel, and Frankie and Layla run away. Ariel tries to detonate the bomb, but the detonator malfunctions. Layla comes back to pepper spray Ariel, and she, Frankie, and Jamie all escape.

Rhonda is held in a military base without trial because of state of emergency. The state will most likely sentence her with the death penalty, unless Operation Savior works and the state of emergency is lifted.

Operation Savior ends up failing, but Gaines, the President, and the media all announce to the world that the operation worked.

Everyone is celebrating. Celine learns that Jude left the priesthood for her, and when she goes to see him, she finds that Jude has hung himself.

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You don't put people's feet in food processors!


You are absolutely, 100 percent the type to snap.