A Potential Messiah - You, Me and the Apocalypse
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In the bunker, we catch a glimpse of a box. A girl inside the box is screaming to be let out.

23 days earlier. Scotty receives a video message from Ariel, who wants the bunker's location and keys in exchange for Spike. Gaines promises to take care of it, and goes to meet Ariel. Ariel wants three spots in the bunker. Gaines suspects that one spot is for Layla, and implies that Layla set Ariel up to get caught in Moscow. Gaines is about to shoot Ariel, but Scotty knocks Ariel out first. They rescue Spike. When they return to the car, they find Ariel's body is missing. The two mysterious people from the clinic were watching the whole time.

Sister Celine confesses about having impure thoughts about Jude. Celine and Jude go to Naples to investigate another false messiah, Antonia Volenski. People claim that she performs miracles. Celine dresses casually in order to get Antonia to talk to them. They go to a bar, where Antonia convinces Celine to drink alcohol. Celine reveals that she her mother left her when she was young, and she had to live on the streets. The convent took her in, and that is why she became a nun. Antonia believes that the apocalypse is a time to uncover who everyone really is. She tells them that she doesn't perform miracles, she just lets people believe she does. Antonia, Celine, and Jude steal supplies from the shipping dock.  

Leanne and Rhonda arrive in Tennessee at Leanne's home. Leanne's family wants to turn Rhonda in for the reward money. Rhonda pretends to go along with it, but later helps Rhonda escape. Leanne's family mentions something mysterious about Rhonda's husband being in the news. 

Jamie, Dave, and Mary drive to London to investigate Ariel's apartment. Jamie finds a picture of Ariel and Layla together, but Mary knows Layla as Hawkwind, Ariel's wife. Mary reveals that she abandoned Jamie as a child because she heard god speak to her and tell her that Jamie is divine, and is the son of god. Jamie feels betrayed by everyone, but Dave tells him to stop being selfish and start thinking about other people, like Paula. Dave finds Ariel's laptop, but accidentally sets off a bomb. Jamie pretends to be the messiah in order to convince Mary to escape. Jamie takes off his wedding ring, and says that they're going back home to Slough. 

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

God doesn't speak to people outside of Charlton Heston films.


Try not to make it all about you for once.