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The opening scene in the bunker now includes Dave with an eye patch. The show flashes back to 26 days before the apocalypse. 

In Arkansas, cops are looking for Rhonda and Leanne. They're on a boat, holding a man at gunpoint. Leanne wants to shoot him, but Rhonda treats him kindly and says she will call his wife later. They stop at an abandoned guesthouse, but sees someone spying on them. He's a teenager, the son of the owner of the guesthouse. Rhonda gives him the benefit of the doubt, and bonds with him. But he lied, and actually called the cops when he saw them. Rhonda holds him at gunpoint, ordering the cops to release Leanne. Leanne then tells the cops to get in the trunk of their cars. Rhonda and Leanne drive off.

In Virginia, Spike accesses the NSA and gets the Face Chaser software for Ariel. In return, Spike wants to find his mom, but Ariel knocks him out. Spike later tells Max to look around the NSA files to confirm that the comet is not a hoax. Max convinces Ariel that the comet is real, and they both discover that Scotty McNeil created the secret bunker plan. Ariel kills Max, but keeps Spike around as a bargaining chip to get into the bunker. 

At the Vatican, the Cardinal orders Father Christophe to work with Jude. They used to be in seminary together, and dislike each other. Jude, Christophe, and Celine go to investigate a false messiah. His name is Giovanni, and he says that at 5 o'clock he's going to step off the ledge of a building. Jude joins him on the ledge, and Giovanni reveals that he doesn't believe he's the messiah. He just wants people to know what the church did to him. He shows Jude a flier with a priest's face on it, implying that he was abused. Jude helps him throw the fliers into the crowd. Jude says that his own father killed himself when he was 14, and begs Giovanni to not jump for his own children's sake. He says that a message of hope will help spread his story better. Giovanni agrees to not jump. Christophe takes the credit, spinning the story in the church's favor. Later on, the two mysterious people from the Scotland clinic grab a sample of Jude's blood. 

At the Scotland, Jamie and Dave are trying to get inside, but it's locked. Jamie sees a note that an orderly went to the pub. They both go to the pub, where Jamie steals an ID badge. They enter the clinic and find his mother Mary. She's catatonic, but says Jamie's name, and is holding a locket with a picture of the twin babies. Dave finds Ariel's address from a bill for treatment. The orderly returns and Jamie pretends to be from the agency, while Dave pretends to be a patient. Jamie is forced to give Dave a suppository. Later on, Jamie escapes the clinic with Mary and Dave, but trips the alarm. He steals the clinic's van and drives off.  

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I did not stick my fingers up his bum for this!


Giovanni: God isn't speaking to me.
Father Jude: But I am. Giovanni, you matter. You are loved.