Jamie Finds Layla - You, Me and the Apocalypse
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In the bunker during the apocalypse, Spike is revealed, and he's covered in blood. 

14 days earlier. Operation Savior is about to launch, which is a rocket that will be launched towards the comet to knock the comet off course. The rocket will take seven days to reach the comet.

In Suffolk, Jamie and Dave are looking for Jamie's daughter, Frankie. He finds his daughter and Layla in the courthouse, because Layla was arrested for stealing. Jamie pays her debt with his car, and they go to a boat where Layla's been living. Layla explains everything to Jamie. Her real name was Hawkwind, and she grew up on the commune with Ariel. They ran away and got married when she was 18. Ariel hated how his mother always talked about how special Jamie was, so Ariel decided to invent a game called "Doofus," where he hacked into Jamie's life and screwed everything up. They decided to have Layla pretend to be Jamie's girlfriend to mess with Jamie, but when Layla met Jamie she fell in love with him.

During Layla and Jamie's talk, Ariel kidnaps Frankie. He tells his grandmother he won't bring Frankie to the bunker until the last second to ensure his spot. He says he will also be bringing Layla. 

Scotty and General Gaines give a conference about Operation Savior, but Scotty is still distraught that Gaines broke up with him. He walks out, and the cops arrest him. Scotty realizes that there is something wrong with the code for the launch, but the cops won't let him go unless he gives up Rhonda's location. He does, and the cops arrest Rhonda just as she's about to see her husband Rashish in the hospital. Gaines sees how devastated Scotty is about selling out his sister, and arranges it so that Rhonda can say goodbye to Rashish and Spike before she goes back to prison.  Virginia, Rhonda wants to go visit her husband Rashish

In Malta, Jude and Celine are investigating another messiah, Ruthliss, teaching the path to enlightenment. Followers go to Paradise Island and never return. Jude and Celine must get married to enter the island. When they arrive, Ruth and Arliss (Ruthliss) tell them that they teach real love, and nobody wants to leave. Jude and Celine discover that it's a sex orgy, and they leave. Celine sees a billboard with four horses, just like Frankie told her she would see. Celine thinks this is a sign that God is blessing their marriage. Jude is reluctant ant first, but gives into his feelings and they sleep together.

You, Me and the Apocalypse
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You, Me and the Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

No internet, no radio. God, I hope there's boggle.


Yes, maybe. Or maybe it's God. Which do you want it to be, Jude?