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Beck flips out when she wakes up in the cage. She wants Joe to tell her why she is in there and release her.

Joe tries to explain why he killed everyone. He shows her evidence of Benji killing someone and Peach stalking Beck. He tries to convince her that everything he did was for her. He also tries to get her to write.

Beck realizes she has to manipulate Joe into thinking she loves him in order to be freed. She tells him she understands why he did what he did, but she accidentally tips him off when she looks at the door.

Beck begins to type up a plan and after she hears Joe Express concern about the aalinger PI possibly having DNA of him, she writes a story where Nicky is framed for Peach's death.

She convinces him that she's on his side and when he opens the cage for him she kisses him and then stabs him. She makes a run for the door but it's locked. Paco comes in and sees her but leaves when she asks for help. She heads back for the keys and has to knock him out but he plays possum. Beck doesn't make it to open the door with the keys because Joe kills her.

Joe uses Beck's writing and idea to pen Beck's murder on Dr. Nicky. He buried her body at his home and the police arrest Nicky.

Joe puts Beck's writing together and she becomes a best selling author posthumously.

Ron beats Claudia so badly she ends up in the hospital. Joe goes there to let Claudia have it, and she reminds him that Ron has connections so she couldn't just leave.

Paco tries to beat up Ron with a bat. Ron chases after him to the garden and hides. Joe stabs Ron in the neck before he gets to Paco, and Joe comforts him and tells him sometimes they have to do bad things. They cover it up, and loyalty to Joe is likely why Paco didnt save Beck.

Claudia and Paco move to California.

Flashbacks show that Mooney suspected Joe was a monster cause he was one too.

Joe is in the bookstore when a new woman catches his eye. He follows her down the aisle and she reveals herself. She is Candace. Joe is shocked that Candace is alive.

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YOU Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Joe: I'll be back soon. The basement is off limits until I finish performing open heart surgery on a first edition, Sylvia Plath.
Ethan: Nice. What kind of position is she in?
Joe: Fragile. Very fragile.

Joe: Oh God. I wish I knew what you were thinking. Tell me.
Beck VO: What's in the box?
Beck: Tell me. Tell me I'm crazy. Tell me you didn't kill Benji. Tell me you didn't kill Peach.