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Beck overhears Joe talking about Candace in his sleep. She asks him about Candace and wants to know what happened to her. 

He gives her vague answers, so she decides to look into it for herself. She looks into Candace's social media and sees that it all but stopped after she broke up with Joe. 

She asks Ethan about Candace and he doesn't give her much information to go on other than stating that she broke Joe's heart and he was in a depression after she disappeared. 

She tracks down Maddie, Candace's friend that was at Peach's party. She tells Beck about Candace's twin brother and that she cheated on Joe. When she looks into the twin, she finds out that he was in a mental facility and now he's dead.

She's starting to think that Joe did something to Candace, so when she asks Joe about it again, he shows her that Candace changed her name and she's on social media. Beck is pacified. 

In flashback, it's shown that Joe met Candace while helping her out with her instruments for her gig. He doted on her and bought her things, and they seemed happy. He gave her a first edition of Wuthering Heights. 

He caught Candace sleeping with the guy who ran the record label Candace was signed to. When he talked to the guy about it, the guy said he didn't know about Candace but proceeded to call her names and talking about how wrong she did Joe. Joe reacts and pushes him over the ledge he's sitting on. He kills him. 

Joe runs to Mooney shocked, and Mooney tells him how to cover things up and told him that some people deserve to die. When he spoke to Candace about her infidelity, she tore his book up, called him crazy, and she told him that she never loved him and dared him to do something about it. 

Joe appeases Beck by taking her to meet Mooney. He says he was with Mooney when Candace bailed on him. Mooney had a stroke and Joe feels guilty about it. 

While going home, Beck's phone is ringing again with messages from Emma Fox. Joe is suspicious. 

He excuses himself from Beck and tracks down Dr. Nicky pretending to be a robber. He checks his phone and sees that he was the one who had been having an affair with Beck. He spares him and goes to talk to Beck. 

Beck finally admits it after being confronted. She tells him that she loves him and that appeases him for the moment. They're doing well. 

Paco stops by when Joe is a way to return a book. He mentions how Joe told him about hiding things in the ceiling. Beck goes to the bathroom and investigates the ceiling. 

She finds a box of all the trinkets and trophies from Benji's misdeeds in there and all the people he killed including teeth that belonged to Benji, Peach's phone, and her clothes and things. 

She cuts herself on the glass that she broke. She tries to head out and leave the apartment when Joe comes back, but he notices her finger. When he goes to get something to clean up her finger, he finds a tooth from the jar she broke. 

He drugs her and Beck wakes up in the dungeon. 


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YOU Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nicky: If you don't deal with this if you don't face it. It will haunt you, man.
Joe VO: Ah, yes. Face Candace. I'd sooner slam my nuts in a door, but anything to stop screaming her name in my sleep.

Beck: I miss this, a routine unless this is something you do with all of your girlfriends.
Joe: All of them. The whole harem.
Beck: How many have their been by the way?
Joe: Girlfriends? Really? Haven't we done this?
Beck: I mean besides Karen you only told me about one, what's her name who went to like Europe. God, what was her name?
Joe VO: You know her name because you heard me calling it last night, didn't you? Now you want to know more, of course, you do, why would I call another woman's name in my sleep?