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Joe is excited about his date with Beck. He spies on her to see if she's ready. 

Beck is thrilled that she has a new phone, but Joe can still see everything in it through the shared cloud. 

Beck makes a date to see her professor to discuss her work. He wants to meet for drinks at a restaurant. 

Joe is keeping Benji captive in the basement of the bookstore. Benjie quickly remembers who Joe is and figures out why Joe is keeping them there. He offers to help Joe with Beck because he isn't interested in her and wants out of the basement. 

Benji tells Joe who Beck really is and what she's into. He tells Joe that Beck is consumed with status and that she'd never be with a guy like Joe long-term because he can't give her what she wants. 

Joe and Beck go out on their first date and it's a success. Beck invites him to a party that Peach is throwing. 

Beck talks to her friends about the situation involving her professor. Her friends imply that she should sleep with him. Beck goes to the meeting with her professor dressed up, and Joe is lurking at the bar. He doesn't know how to feel because everything that Benji told him about Beck was proving to be true. 

The professor makes a move on Beck and gets handsy. She has a loud outburst at the table that startles others in the restaurant. The professor tells Beck that if she sent out certain messages because of her attire and the way she carries herself. He also says that she needs to focus more on her work. 

He fires her from the TA position despite Beck pleading with him not to. 

Peach offers to give Beck money to help her make ends meet. 

Beck takes Joe to the party, but she stops acting like they're together the second they cross the threshold. Joe takes notice after a bit. he wanders into the library where he's confronted by Peach. 

Peach lets him know that she knows something is off about him. 

Paco hangs around the bookstore. When its the release of a new novel, he heads down into the basement to get the next shipment of books. Joe stops him before he discovers Benji and yells at him. 

Later on, Joe gives Paco a new book and apologizes. He also tells Paco about the best secret hiding place in the building. 

Benji offers up his biggest secret and most damaging evidence as insurance that he won't turn Joe in. Joe watches it and sees that Benji filmed a hazing incident gone wrong that led in a death. 

After the advice Joe gave Beck when she referred to them as friends, Joe goes back to her professor and blackmails him with the accounts of seven women who were harassed by him. She gets her position back. 

Beck goes back to the bookstore and thanks Joe with a doughnut and kisses him. 

Joe reneges on his deal with Benji. He decides he doesn't like all the things that Benji said about Beck. He doses him with peanut and Benji has an allergic reaction and dies. He hides Benji's cellphone in his hiding spot. 

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YOU Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

As you activate your new friend there, I know you think you're deactivating your old one, but here's where you're wrong. Your old phone, which I have, is still logged into the cloud, and that means I'm still logged into you. Sci-fi movies are so wrong. Technology is our friend.

Joe Voiceover

Today's the day, Beck. It just feels right, right? I'm looking forward to it, and I think, obvious hangover aside, you are too. But I've read people wrong in the past. One day, I'll tell you about Candice. Every red flag I was blind to. How destroyed I was, what can I say? We all have baggage.

Joe Voiceover