Looking at Joe  - YOU Season 2 Episode 9
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Joe thinks he made Love a monster. But she tells him about her life and how thhe really met.

Love sought joe out. Wanted a new family. Saw darkness in him. 

She found his storage unit. Saw the real him. Used milo to bring it out of him. She was biding her time. But then Delilah found out.

She followed him when he was high. Delilah would have ruined it alone since joe planned on giving up and leaving. So she killed her slit her throat like she did the au pair.

She tells him she killed the au pair Sofia because she was a rapist for sleeping with underage forty. She knew her parents would cover it up if they thought it was forty.

David goes to ellie at 3am to talk about henderson and those threatening her sister. 

Love framed ellie for Henderson's murder. 

David wants to take ellie in. 

Love wants to lawyer her up with a Quinn family. 

She wants to then have then find Delilah with a suicide note making her a posthumous feminist icon for taking down her abuser and the case against ellie will be thrown out. 

Loves family owned the LAPD.

Joe is not happy about ellie being thrown in the system and is judging her. Love picks up on it. She tells him that he never saw her only a fantasy of what he thought she was and she doesnt seem to respect him for that. 

She leaves him in the cage 

Ellie calls forty to bail her out. He sends the family lawyer after her. 

He is in New York visiting Dr. Nicky Nicky found God.  Nicky won't go after Joe. 

Love knows that forty has figured out why Joe is bad.

David puts a tail on Ellie. Filed a missing report for Delilah. Threatens cps. Delilah's body decomposed. Joe cant handle love's crazy. He plans to attack her to get out but she says she's pregnant.

They go to Love's friends wedding.

Forty tries to get in and warn love about Joe, but he's not allowed in. He has them meet him at Anavrin instead.

Ellie shows up there too and tells Joe she doesnt have anywhere else to go. He confirms her sister is dead and that the Quinns have something to do with it. He wants her to get out of town and promises to help her financially. She tells him she hates him and leaves.

Forty holds Joe at gunpoint. He tells Love about Joe. She tells him she's pregnant. He says they shouldn't have kids because of how screwed up they are.

He knows the truth about Beck and all that Joe has done. He implies he knows what happened with Love killing Sofia too.

He's about to shoot Joe in the head when David shoots and kills him.

Love is devastated and Joe knows he is all she has left and he's stuck with her.

They move to a nice suburban house. Love is due anyday. Joe thinks this life is punishment and his penance. He has a daughter coming.

He gets distracted by his next door neighbor. She isn't shown, but he peeks through the gate and sees her reading.

Despite being with Love with a baby on the way, he has found a new woman to obsess over.

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YOU Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Forty was a child. She was a rapist. I stopped her. I protected Forty because I had to. Because nobody else was. Better they thought it was him. Forty was blacked out, a victim. They'd cover it up, coddle him like always. I could stay close, protect him. But families don't heal from something like that. So I began to fantasize about a new one if we were lucky enough to have it. When James died, I wondered if the family I had was the one I deserved. And then I saw you. I knew right away in my gut, I recognized something in you. And hey, smart, sexy, funny, a little darkness that made him less storybook, more real. I started to fantasize again. When you pulled away, I told myself I can fix him. For a while, it was working. I showed you how to heal. Oh, you were stronger than I knew. I showed you what I wanted by showing you what I didn't want. When you stood by me, united, I knew together we could he better than the family I was born into. Maybe I got a little obsessed.


Love: Everything is going to be OK.
Joe: What did you do?
Love: Why are you looking at me like that?
Joe: I am so sorry.
Love: Why? She was crazy. She was going to hurt you and us. And I fixed it. We're going to be together now.
Joe: I don't think we can. I think I broke you.
Love: I'm fine.
Joe: Listen to me. This is not your fault. This is not you. Everything I told you is true. Beck. Henderson. Delilah. I killed them. Their blood is on my hands.
Love: Joe. You didn't kill Delilah. I did.