Marital Cage - tall - YOU Season 3 Episode 1
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  • The baby is born, and Joe is shocked to learn that he has a boy and not a girl. He's not happy about it. Love names the baby after Forty. Everyone calls him that to Joe's frustration.
  • They move to a surburban neighborhood in Norhern California, and everyday feels the same, but Joe doesn't connect with his kid.
  • Joe sells books from home and sends money to Ellie. 
  • They meet Sherry an momfluencer who makes Love feel inadquate as a mother, and Joe is fixated on their neighbor, Natalie.
  • Love is all hormoonal and moody all of the time. 
  • Natalie gives Joe diapers and a box of condoms while he's fantasizing about her. 
  • Joe thinks back to his time at a school for boys where he got beat up and teased and he doesn't want that for Henry. His mother gave him up and he keeps telling eveyroneshes coming back which pisses off the other boys. His friend Paulie reminds him of that. 
  • Joe and baby Henry stalk Natalie. Natalie is married to Matthew. 
  • Love encounters Sherry, and her friends Kiki and Andrew who are passive aggressive and invite Love to coffee while simultatoneous calling her fat.
  • Joe follows Natalie to a library and she notices him when Henry starts crying. She leaves, but the libarrian tells him that Natalie picked a  book out for him. He thinks Natalie is flriting.
  • After Sherry makes Love feel like she needs to get her love life back on track, Love tries to make a move while he's reading the book Natalie gave him, and it doesn't work.
  • When Joe is watching Natalie, she calls his number and invites him over for a drink, sharing that her husband works in tech and that's how she got his number.
  • Natalie shares that her husband watches everything and has cameras everywhere and implies she feels trapped.
  • Their chemistry is off the charts and she broaches the topic of not being happy with her husband but feeling stuck. He tells her about the same thing wtih Love. She brings him up to her bedroom and makes a move, they kiss, but he stops himself and tells her that he just wants a friend.
  • Turned on from Natalie, Joe seduces Love and they have sex.
  • Joe and Love show up at a party that Sherry is throwing. 
  • Cary, Sherry's husband seems like he's flirting with Joe. Joe and Love previously scoped out everyone online to get a feel for their neighbors.
  • The gossipers at the party tell Love that Natalie stole Matthew from his first wife when she and Matthew enter teh party. They've branded her as a cheater.
  • Love overhears Sherry talking about her to her friends. Natalie intervenes and commiserates with Love over how awful Sherry is.
  • Love realizes that Natalie lied to her about neither her or Joe being in the house, and she confronts Joe. She wonders if he's obsessed with Natlie, and they have an honest talk and are vulnerable about where they are now and getting parenthood wrong.
  • Joe gets emotional and teary with Henry tryinig to connect with him and concludes that Henry doesn't hate him when Henry laughs and giggles. 
  • Love wants Natalie to show her the busines on the market to open up a bakery. Natlaie does. It is revealed that Love found Joe's box in his basement hideaway and went through it seeing that Joe is obsessed with Natalie. She hits Natalie with an axe. She calls Joe crying and says they need to go to couples therapy.
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We as a species deserve to go extinct.


Me, a boy, and his mom, who is usually great but occasionally murders people with her bare hands. What could go wrong?

Joe Voiceover