Missing Wife  - YOU Season 3 Episode 4
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  • Gil wakes up in the room and JOe tries to talk to him to see if he'll press charges. Gil lies and says he won't go to the police, so now they have to deal with that.
  • They plan to find dirt on Gil to ensure mutually ensured destruction in case he talks.
  • Sherry is headinga community search for Natalie at the area where they found the ring. 
  • Gil doesn't show up to read to the kids so Joe volunteers. 
  • Theo and Matthew argue about Theo going to the search party. Love overhears and uses it to talk to Theo.
  • Love volunteers to be Theo's search buddy at the search.
  • Joe makes headway connecting with Marienne when she realizes he isn't some privliged, rich asshole. 
  • Joe tries to get information from Gil to blackmail him with but he's not finding anyhing. 
  • Love wants to kill Gil but Joe doesn't want to.
  • Dottie gives Love the number of the guy Cy who used to look into things for their family.
  • They learn that Gil cheated to get his son into Darmouth. 
  • Gil didn't know about it, but they realize that Gil's son Alan is a bad man who hurts women and the attack on a college campus was him.
  • Alan was a sexual predator and they protected him.  They think it's enough to reach an agreement with Gil, but Gil commits suicide in the cage. 
  • Love shows up at the search while JOe gets ready to execute her plan. She suggests a murder suicide. 
  • Theo calls Sherry out on only wanting attention and Love intervenes. 
  • Love plants an ax with Gil's fingerprints on it.
  • Flashbacks of Joe becoming obsessed with Nurse Fiona becaue she was kind and nice to him.
  • The hounds find the ax just when Matthew is expressing doubts bout the search party. Joe sets  up the suicide at Gil's house and the suicide letter.
  • Theo kisses Love when they're bonding. She squashes it. 
  • Margert finds her husband.
  • Marienne seems to be flirting with Joe now. 
  • Theo leaves town.
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YOU Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

They're convinced that he killed her. Like I don't want him helping the villagers sharpen their fucking pitchforks.


Well, this came sooner than expected, the proverbial paint is hardly dry. Breathing. It's more than I can say for Natalie. Meaning you did the right thing. Controlled your impulses. So I won't be frustrated with you, Love. This represents growth. And It's important I show you I recognize it--No, appreciate it.

Joe Voiceover