Visiting the Bakery  - YOU Season 3 Episode 3
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  • News broke about Natalie's disappearance and the entire Madre Linda community is rocked by it as media attention grows and worries Love.
  • Love heads to work at the bakery where Sherry and her cohorts come in asking about Natalie.
  • Joe starts volunteering at the libarary with Marienne and her blind friend Dante. They talk about the obession with Natalie and Missing white woman syndrome.
  • Marienne and Dante advise Joe on the phenomenon of missing white woman syndrome. 
  • Sherry exploits the media attenttion claiming that she's Natalie's best friend.  She gets the ball rolling on people suspecting Matthew but also shares that Love was one of the last people to see Natalie alive, and that prompts the detective to call Joe again.
  • Joe tells the detectives that he barely knew Natalie when they show him footage of her giving him condoms but admits that he masturbated in the parking lot to avoid doing it at home that overcrowded.
  • Love continues to spiral a bit but Theo stops by and distracts her. He continues to flirt. When Dottie calls telling her that the baby is sick, she leaves Theo there to lock everything up for her.
  • Henry has the measles. 
  • Love calls others to tell them that Henry had the measles and that others may have been exposed even though one of their kids probably gave it to Henry. 
  • Dottie tells Love that she's opening a vineyard. So Love's bakery doesn't need her.
  • News report that Natalie's last place alive was Love's bakery.
  • Love and Joe agree to frame Matthew since he's already acting suspicous. 
  • Joe offers to use the scarf he kept from the box with Natalie's blood on it as insurance to frame Matthew.
  • Joe realizes he has the measles and is deliorious and seeing a hallucination of himself when he's trying to set Matthew up.
  • Joe recalls when he was a child and how close he was to Nurse Fiona at the boys home. He lied about his mother and that she got himvaccinated. He wakes up wrestling Matthew who apparently found him in his backyard.
  • Theo comes to give Love food and comfort her. 
  • Matthew asks Joe about Natalie hoping to find out any information.
  • JOe and Matthew bond with each other over fatherhood and Matthew gives Joe good advice. Joe can't bring himself to frame him, so he advises Matthew to talk to the press to tell his own story.
  • Love agrees that they can't set up Matthew so they burn the scarf. 
  • Matthew shows up at the vigil for Natalie and swears to find out the person responsible for his missing wife. 
  • Police find the ring. 
  • Margaret, a mom in the neighborhood's husband, Gil, stops by the bakery apologetic about his daughters passing Henry the measles. He goes on about how they don't believe in vaccinations. And hopes that Love doesn't hold it against them. Love hits him over the head with a rolling pin.
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YOU Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Masturbation saves the day for now.

Joe Voiceover

Marienne: Missing White Woman Syndrome is America's favorite pastime next to porn.
Joe: Missing White Woman..?
Dante: Syndrome. When upper-class, attractive white ladies go missing, they get tons of media coverage. Doesn't happen for other victims.
Joe: Yeah. Well, the media has a thirst for anything salacious right?
Joe Voiceover: Why do I feel like I'm failing a test?
Marienne: We're speaking of a specific phenomenon. When white women receive a disproportionately high level of public attention a very clear message is being sent. White women deserve to be rescued. The rest of us can fend for ourselves.