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Diana is reading "Marriage Vacation." Everybody is reading it. Liza thinks it's very well written. All Maggie cares about it possibly having sex with Charles on his desk.

Dean is on Maggie's roof with his husband and their cocks.

From the word Diana uses to get her coffee (anal), it's pretty obvious where all their minds are at when it comes to Charles.

Diana wants Charles to publish it so Charles can save face. Others have heard about the book already and are circling.

Liza thinks Charles needs to talk directly to Pauline.

Richard has a surprise for Diana at home. His teenage son, Ethan, is there.

Before Charles goes to see Pauline, he reveals to Liza how grateful he is to have her in his life. He has felt like himself again ever since he met her.

Pauline assures Charles she's not the same person who left a year ago, and when Liza texts him in an hour as planned, he isn't ready to leave.

Hours later, he arrives back home and a car is already on the way.

In the morning, Charles speaks with Liza about being married and twisted together as one. He's decided to publish Pauline's book, but Pauline wants Liza as her editor. She feels they connected. Liza agrees.

Liza and Maggie go to their new friends' restaurant. Maggie likens it to the gelato and the pube.

After mistakenly liking one of Zane's Instagram photos, he's been trying to reach Kelsey. After she and Josh complain about each other's exes, they decide to go out and get dates for each other.

Liza finds the pube for the night when they're served with a $500 bill for their "treat."

Liza finds Josh what might be the perfect girl.

Liza finds her book pube, too. Pauline wants Charles back and hopes Liza puts in a good word for her. Maggie calls her a goddamned bush.

Diana finds Ethan's fleshlight in between her couch cushions.

The neighbors from upstairs come down to complain about their missing chickens. Maggie shows her a lovely browned chicken in a pot. White or dark?

Diana shares with Liza the masturbatory hell she's suffering.

Charles assures Liza Pauline will not come between them.

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Younger Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

When you are in a long marriage, it's formative. You go through profound experiences together, like having children. It makes you who you are. It's like when two vines grow together and they turn into one plant. Sometimes they grow apart searching for sunlight in different directions, but there is still that part that is all twisted up together.


Kelsey: OK. Did you read page 58?
Liza: Yes, and I'm trying hard to forget I ever did.