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Liza goes into Charles' office. He wants her to stop apologizing. She didn't embarrass herself, he did. But what do they do now? They see the cupcake on his desk and have sex.

Liza wakes up. It was the best sex she's ever had.

Maggie says go for it. Liza's idea is to march into Charles' office and shut this thing down.

Kelsey is freaking out about seeing Charles looming over her. Liza suggests she go straight to Pitch Fest. That works!

Lauren and Kelsey are heading to a dude's house in the Hamptons. It will be like Girls, except they like each other. When Kelsey asks Josh, Lauren says no Josh's allowed.

Liza meets one person at the bookfest that speaks to her, like really. Pauline.

The threesome is high and having fun. Lauren is shipping Kelsey and Josh something fierce. He finds the house full of dicks. It's a member's only club!

Jay and Liza have begun texting a lot.

Charales comes into the office late, probably expecting Liza not to be there. She turns down his offer for dinner or a drink.

Liza can't get the hot sex out of her mind.

When she gets into the office, it's the same scenario from her dream. Liza goes for it, and when the janitor comes in, they split.

When Liza shows Charles the pages from Pauline, it all falls apart. Pauline was Charles' wife.


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Younger Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Lauren: Uh, why didn't you say Josh was with us?
Kelsey: Oh. No reason.

Liza: So it's like Girl on a Train.
Chick: Not at all! It happens on a bus.