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The culmination of feelings finally came to a head right at the beginning of Younger Season 5 Episode 8, as Charles and Liza explored tried relationship in the bedroom. 
And then, they went their separate way for the next two weeks to celebrate Christmas and New Year. 
Fast forward those ten days and everyone at Empirical is feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work. 
Diana and her new squeeze, Enzo, ate and drank way too much so she's on a cleanse that involves no coffee. She's not always pleasant with her morning joe, so just imagine her without it. 
Charles walks in donning a full beard which stuns that ladies in the office. He doesn't pay much attention to Liza in person but quickly sends her a flirty text. 
And thus begins the new secret on this series - Liza and Charles’ romantic relationship. 
They stare at each other longingly, tease each other with wanting touches at meetings and in passing, graze each other in all the right places.
Everyone notices Charles is in a chipper mood, though Liza just brushes it off. 
On their second date night, Charles and Liza vow to stay in their own bubble for the night. He takes her to ride the glass carousel and even kisses her hand. 
However, there is still one very major player that can ruin everything -- Pauline. 
She surprises both Liza and Diana during a dinner with Reese Witherspoon's people. 
According to her, Netflix has stalled the limited series because they want the promise of a sequel which Pauline is ready to deliver.
Unfortunately, her sequel is all about how the fictitious couple's divorce following the husband's affair with a vibrant and cheerful young assistant. 
She never mentions Liza's name, but it's an obvious dig at her. She isn't taking reaponsjbility for the demise of her relationship but rather acting like a child and placig blame on the other woman. 
Liza tires to offer up an alternative narrative -- the assistant that tried to help them patch things up, but Pauline isn't buying it and shuts the idea down. 
She even mentions that the ex might want revenge... in the novel, of course. 
Later on, Charles gets a call from Pauline that she wants the movie roghts back to 'Marriage Vacation.'
Liza points out that this would be a blow to Kelsey who worked so hard on the book, but Charles says he would tell her it's part of the divorce settlement.
The deal is simple: they give her the rights back and in turns, she keeps quiet about his relationship with Liza. Or so they think. 
Meanwhile, Kelsey tells Jake they need to cool things off with the relationship because she wants to focus solely on being his editor.
She says she's done mixing business with pleasure which Jake interprets as an admission of feelings for Zane.
He reaches out to Charles and pitches the possibility of the book becoming part of Empirical because Millennial limits its reach. 
Charles shops the offer to Zane who surprisingly shuts it down. Despite feeling cut out of the success of the book, he tells Charles that Kelsey put in too much work on that book so it belongs to her. 
She would be crushed otherwsie. Charles makes the official decision to keep the book with Millennial. 
Lauren is hosting a dinner to impress a new lady friend who turns out to be Malkie, Maggie's Orthodox ex-girlfriend.
And it's evident that both ladies are not over the breakup. The dinner quickly turns into a "she said she said' with Malkie accusing Maggie of being scared of commitment. 
Maggie apologies to Lauren for ruining her dinner, but Lauren tells her that she doesn't want to be the rebound woman and encourages her to get the girl. 
Malkie is hesitatnt to try again with Maggie because she doesnt think she has what it takes to do the work and make a relaionship successful. 
Maggie proves her wrong by painting a mural of her face outside of the boutique.
Malkie agrees to give her another chance at love. 
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Younger Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Kelsey: You know what they say, men who grow beards are hiding something.
Diana: Yes, generally crumbs.

You screwed me, and then you screwed me over.