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It's Christmas time on Younger! 

Maggie Amato kicks off the holidays by selling all of her art to a wealthy couple. 

It doesn't take long before she realizes something is definitely not right with them. They don't just want her for their art collection, they want to own her. 

Before things get out of hand, she pulls the plug on the deal.

Meanwhile, Kelsey finds herself in a love triangle with Jake and Zane. 

An excerpt of Jake's first chapter gets published in New York Magazine, which Charles and the rest of Empirical celebrate. 

Zane seems to be caught off guard by the announcement but later tells Kelsey he's the one that leaked it. 

Both of them try to be her date to the holiday party that evening, and when Jake sees Zane kiss her unexpectedly, he requests that from now on, Kelsey be the only editor on the memoir. 

Charles honors his wishes, but Zane immediately realizes it's because she's sleeping with the author. 

Liza skips the lavish holiday party because Caitlin's Christmas wish was "one night together as a family" spent at her friend Rose's Christmas party. 

While there, Caitlin demands that both parents play nice and perform their annual holiday tradition which includes them yodeling to the Sound of Music. 

Liza agrees because she'll do anything for her daughter but finds herself completely embarrassed when Charles walks in. 

Rose's parents reveal that they've been wanting to set them up so Liza and Charles pretend not to know each other. 

The next day at the office, Charles and Liza have a moment bonding about their children and how they would do anything for them. She tells him that Caitlin is the reason she lied about her age. 

Diana's cold heart is melting thanks to Enzo who brought her a real-life Christmas tree for her home. 

She even bought Liza a gift -- one of her signature necklaces. 

When Liza realizes how much of a bonus Charles gave her, she rushes into his office but finds that he's already left town for the holidays. 

Shortly after, Charles abandons his cab and finds himself standing on Liza's doorstep. 

She's so stunned to see him, she drops all of her groceries and just stands there.

"I don't care anymore," he tells her referring to the fact that she lied about her age. 

The two embrace in a romantic kiss as most fans let out an overdue "finally." 

Meanwhile, Caitlin thinks that because her mother and Josh both exchanged hand-made holiday gifts, they still have feelings for each other. 

She encourages Josh not to move on which is the complete opposite of what he should be doing. 

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Younger Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Zane: Mistletoe.
Kelsey: That's poinsettia.
Zane: Close enough.

Kelsey: I'm kind of seeing them both.
Liza: What? Why didn't you tell me?
Kelsey: You have been gaslighting this whole company since you got here. Can I have one secret?