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Liza with a side of Charles has been the main focus of Younger Season 5 but finally, by the third episode, the other characters had a chance to shine. 

Kelsey pitches intelligent and charming Jake Deveraux, a former speechwriter for Obama who is shopping around a memoir, to Charles. 

As always, Zane pops into the meeting to let everyone know that he set up a meeting with Jake, much like Kelsey. 

Charles sends them both to DC to get the deal for either Empirical or Millenial. "Work together," he suggests which triggers an eye-roll from everyone including the two of them. 

After the meeting, Zane hits up Kelsey on the elite dating app Yara and invites himself over to her room for cocktails. 

As they lay in bed eating fries, both French and sweet potato, they get simultaneous texts from Jake who wants to meet the next day.

Since sabotage is the name of the game, they both keep the intel to themselves and bump into each other the next day only to realize Jake wants to work with them both. 

Kelsey tries to persuade him one more time to choose Millennial, but he's set on having two of the best editors in town collaborate on his book. 

He also slyly mentions seeing her on Yara which means we'll be seeing way more of him in the future, and I'm talking in his birthday suit. 

Charles will be pleased with the newest acquisition since Marriage Vacation hit a bit of a snag when he turned down the opportunity to reconcile with Pauline. 

"We're getting a divorce," he told Liza and Diana. Both agreed that maybe instead of telling the press the truth, she pretends that things are going great. 

But Pauline isn't good at pretending and she bursts into tears whenever someone inevitably brings up the current state of her relationship. 

In a closed-door meeting, Diana tells Charles that Pauline is unhinged and it's hurting their press tour. She denies any involvement with flubbing the truth which makes him think it was all Liza's idea. 

She recommends he attend her next reading to provide some emotional support. Seeing him there triggers something in Pauline and for the first time, she's honest about their relationship. 

She tells the crowd of hopeless romantics that the book is fiction and the ending is what she hoped for. Remembering Liza's words, she ends with a sense of hope by telling the crowd that her happiness is still out there and her story is not over. 

After the reading, Pauline confronts Charles and blames his ambition for their failed marriage. "Maybe I am blind to what's right in front of me," he says but instead of looking at Pauline, he's looking straight at Liza. 

Even when his ex is lashing out at him, he still finds the opportunity to make a jab at Liza only this time, his hurt feelings reveal what Pauline has been scared of this whole time -- that she's the speculated other woman. It was someone she trusted and confided in. 

Liza refuses to play coy and runs off after Charles into the frigid streets of Manhattan where they have a heated confrontation. 

"Who are you," he barks at her. "If you're asking, I think you already know," she replies quietly. 

Instead of letting her explain, Charles continuously cuts her off and reveals they no longer have a personal relationship. 

Liza offers to resign but he coldly reminds her that her whole point in lying was "to get a job."

Hits your right in the feels, doesn't it? Who knew Charles was capable of being so petty and throwing so much shade?

Also hurt? Josh after his marriage to Clare fell apart. 

He's numbing the pain by sleeping with different women every night which doesn't sit well with his two female roomies. When Lauren finally confronts him about it, he informs her that he's afraid he'll keep falling in love with the wrong women and that maybe his soulmate really is Liza. 

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Younger Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Lauren: Kelsey got onto Yara.
Josh: Wow, this is like Tinder for the Illuminati, right?

Charles: Pauline and I are getting a divorce.
Liza: What?
Diana: Oh, Charles. I am so sorry. What are we going to do about the book tour? It starts tomorrow.
Charles: Everything goes forward as planned. I was never part of the publicity.
Diana: Not officially. The book has been gaining momentum because people thought it resulted in the author and her husband getting back together.
Charles: I don't know what to say, Diana. I'm not going to live my life to fit the novel.