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Charles is fuming as he sits in his office looking through all the files Edward L.L Moore gave him proving Liza is actually 41-years-old and was once a soccer coach. Oh, how times have changed.

Uncertain of how to proceed since they don't really teach you this in business school, he calls up his lawyer Bob, who is also Liza's real-life friend. 

Bob tells Charles that Empirical will not survive another scandal and realistically, firing a woman who is older and whom you have kissed several times doesn't exactly work in your favor. 

He suggests pretending everything is normal and avoiding her whenever possible. 

So begins a very awkward episode where Charles dismisses Liza at every turn and looks down at the ground whenever she's around. Oh, boy. 

It becomes especially difficult because Kelsey and Liza's imprint, Millenial, has some big news -- Reese Witherspoon's book club picked Marriage Vacation as their next book for book club. 

After learning what "sliding into the DMs" really means, Liza slides into Reese's and is shocked when she gets a reply from her people. 

Following a meeting with Hello Sunshine, Reese's people inform them that they want options to the movie rights which in publishing is MAJOR news. 

Kelsey and Pauline head off to a celebratory lunch, but Liza doubles back to propose that the two companies -- which are aligned with unique points of view -- collaborate on a content incubator. This means, Hello Sunshine would be the first to get exclusive access to Millennial's titles. Again, major news. Liza did that! 

When they present the news to Charles, he hits the pause button and tells them that he has to think about it. Kelsey takes it as a sign that he's trying to sabotage her imprint because it's doing better than Empirical. 

Later, at the vacation-themed Marriage Vacation launch party, Diana asks him for a heads up in case the "ship is going down" and she needs to sell her condo. Realizing that the hit the company suffered because of the loss of L.L Moore is affecting even his top line, Charles announces the partnership with Hello Sunshine. 

Lauren and Diana meet for the first time at the event as she tries to launch her "Heller Good" business, Kelsey tries to keep the Hello Sunshine exec Kiara away from Zane by telling her he's gay, and Charles is loathing every minute of pretending to be into the publicity with his wife. Man, he really cannot catch a break. 

Pauline is on cloud-nine with her book launch and she recounts just how much fun she had back at home. Charles doesn't feel the same way and cannot continue with this facade -- he doesn't love her and he doesn't want to be with her. 

That kills the mood rather quickly. 

The next morning, things don't get any better. He runs into Liza and still hoping to avoid her, swiftly congratulates her on the deal with Hello Sunshine before adding, "you really pulled it off." 

Charles... the shade! 

Liza isn't the only one having relationship problems. Josh is back from Ireland and is waiting for Clare to come within the next few days after her dog gets all the required shots. 

Later, Liza finds him crying alone in his apartment. He informs her that Clare can't keep lying about everything and isn't coming back. It seems like she too needs a marriage vacation. 

As Liza consoles him, Josh questions if something is wrong with him because he keeps getting hurt.

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Younger Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Liza: I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye after the wedding.
Josh: It's fine... I DM'd you, though.
Liza: You what?
Lauren: Yeah, Josh is always sliding into those DMs.
Kelsey: Um... Instagram has a direct message feature. It's kind of like a text message.
Liza: Oh, I didn't know that.
Lauren: How could you not know that?
Liza: I read three novels a week. That's like a thousand Instagram stories.
Lauren: Ahh.

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Liza: (gasp) Reese just slipped into my DMs.
Kelsey: What?
Diana: Speak English. What does that mean?
Liza: It means Reese Witherspoon sent a private direct message to me.
Diana: What's the slipping part?
Kelsey: It's slide. You slide into someone's DMs.
Liza: I meant slide. All my friends say slide. I would never slip into someone's DMs. Only slide. I slide into... Kelsey's DMs all the time. Maybe I should slide into Zane's.