Josh, Maggie, and LIza - Younger Season 7 Episode 3
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Liza is devastated by her breakup with Charles and informs Josh about it.

Liza and Kelsey work with a new author, a famous surfer named Kai Manning, and Liza is taken with Kai.

Quinn approaches Charles about writing a second novel centered around failure, and she wants Charles to publish it.

Charles says he’ll consider it and tells Quinn he and Liza broke up.

Quinn pitches her new book to the team, and everyone is reluctantly on board, except Liza.

Lauren decides Empirical needs to rebrand and wants to hold a launch party. She convinces Clare’s new boyfriend Rob to let Empirical hold the launch party at one of his buildings.

At the party, Liza confronts Charles over her jealousy of Quinn, even though Charles say they’re not dating.

Liza then leaves the party with Kai, and they bond over doing what they both love.

Kelsey also learns Zane has been named publisher of another company.

Josh is approached by KT, the publicist for a famous singer, and asked to convince the singer to delay getting several face tattoos.

Josh stalls and the singer later decides not to get the tattoos. However, KT decides to get a tattoo, and she and Josh hookup.

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Younger Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Josh: So you got a ring or what?
Maggie: She and Charles broke up?
Josh: Wait, what? What happened?
Liza: Well, I really agreed what you said about relationships not having to be defined, but as it turns Charles really needs them to be defined, so he defined us as finished.

Maggie: I never thought you guys would end it on a technicality.
Charles: It wasn’t a technicality. In the end, I think I never really had her whole heart.
Maggie: Well, that’s too bad because you did.