Maggie smiles - Younger Season 7 Episode 2
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Liza and Maggie talk about Liza’s breakup with Charles, but Maggie doesn’t believe it will last.

Liza gets delivered flowers at work, and Lauren assumes Liza and Charles are engaged. However, the flowers are from a children’s literacy foundation.

Lauren then celebrates the assumed engagement at the staff meeting, but it backfires when Liza and Charles announce they broke up.

Liza and Kelsey then try to get a Greta Thunberg-type activist named Füpa Grünhof to publish a book at Empirical.

Füpa’s reluctant at first, but she later agrees to consider it.

However, things hit a snag when another of Empirical’s author denounces climate change, prompting Füpa to renege on her offer.

Liza is able to convince Füpa to reconsider, and Füpa gives Liza some advice about Charles.

Liza and Kelsey attend the children’s literacy party, and Liza talks to Charles about their relationship.

Liza wonders if they can compromise on the marriage front, but Charles says he can’t bend anymore.

Being with Liza has forced him to compromise in the past, and he can no longer do it.

He believes their breakup is for the best.

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Younger Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Lauren: It’s a love story, set in a glamorous arena very close to home. OK, let me set the stage with the characters. Love isn't just for the young and obviously desirable, right? Even with people ripening in Septembers and early Octobers of their years, love can find a way. Love, say, between a publishing titan with very big hands and shoes and a housewife from New Jersey who moved to New York to impersonate young people and learn about memes and Snapchat lens.
Charles: Lauren, I don’t think…
Liza: Actually…
Lauren: And this loveable kitten-eared imposter soon won the heart of the boss-slash-hero, who incidentally believes of promoting from within, and he summoned up the courage… no, I believe he can say this far better than me…
Video Charles: Will you marry me?
Video Liza: Oh my god.
Lauren: OK, so we didn’t get her answer here on video, but he got it, obvy, and therefore, it brings me great pleasure to present to you the Empirical family of the future, Mr. and Mrs. Charles…
Charles: Lauren, we’re not getting married.
Liza: We’re not engaged. It’s not happening.

Liza: It’s from the benefit this week. Thank you for your support table sponsor. See you this Saturday, Children’s Literary Fund. You know, C-Lit.
Kelsey: That’s the name? C-L-I-T? They better hope those kids don’t read.
Liza: Oh god, you’re right.