Charles and Liza smile - Younger Season 7 Episode 7
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Charles learns that a former Empirical author died and Liza and Kelsey accompany him to the wake.

The later author is the husband of the woman Charles had an affair with in his early 20s.

The woman, Judith, asks Charles to meet with her son Topher, who wants Empirical to reissue his father's works.

Charles then fears Topher is his son and goes to confront Judith about it.

Judith says Topher is Ian's son, and Charles is relieved.

Liza is there for him throughout the ordeal and encourages Charles to finish his novel.

Maggie comes under fire by her students when the controversial name of an old art show is scructinized.

Cass comes to Maggie's rescue, but later decides to call Maggie out on social media for being transphobic after discovering Maggie had an affair with Camila.

Kelsey decides she wants to move into her own apartment, and Lauren lands her an opportunity to go a reality show where they help her find an apartment.

Diana is having the time of life on her honeymoon in Italy and is no hurry to return to work.

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Younger Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Charles: That’s why Ian left Empirical. I can’t believe I’m only finding this out now, but I kept away from Judith and her family.
Liza: Are you sure it was the summer of ’94 when Judith climbed the pole? I mean raised the flag?
Charles: Definitely. Topher’s age lines up, and you heard her, she had an affair with a deckhand on a lobster boat.
Liza: But it was a rumor.
Charles: I am the rumor, Liza. I’m his father. Don’t you think he looks like me?
Liza: A little.
Charles: How am I going to explain this to…
Liza: Quinn?
Charles: My girls. I cannot believe that Judith kept this from me.
Liza: You were 20 years old. What do you expect?
Charles: I’m gonna go see Judith tomorrow. Talk about life throwing you curveballs.

Charles: We miss you at the office.
Diana: I’m sure the fluorescent lights a little dimmer without me there, Charles.
Liza: I recognize that voice, Diane. Hi, how are you? How’s Italy? How’s Enzo?
Diana: Liza, one question at a time, please.
Liza: Oh, I miss you scolding me.
Diana: I know I should be back now, but I’m having a surprisingly good time, and as difficult as it is for me to admit this, I am not ready to return to work.