On Younger Season 5 Episode 12, Liza grapples with her decision to leave Empirical, Charles receives an offer he cannot refuse, and Diana almost loses Enzo to the Fatberg.

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On Younger Season 5 Episode 12, life as we know it changes for everyone. Liza makes a decision about her future with Charles, Kelsey finds out the truth about Zane, and Josh gets a life-altering surprise.

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On Younger Season 5 Episode 12, Liza considers her options as things change at Empirical as Kelsey gets surprising news and Charles figures out a solution.

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Younger Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Well, she really wants a baby, and I'm really high on a weeknight and happy that way.


Enzo: You know, this is dangerous. Most plumbers wives forbid them from going anywhere near a Fatberg.
Diana: Really? Should you even be doing this?
Enzo: I have to, I gotta duty.
Diana: (laughing)