Younger Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Lizability

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There is no going back now! 

They always say the truth will set you free, but that doesn't seem to be the case on Younger Season 5 Episode 12. At least not for Charles and Liza. 

The truth kind of backfired for both of them both personally and professionally, and it's become evident that this couple isn't going to enjoy a drama-free relationship. What a shame.  

You Can't Leave Now - Younger Season 5 Episode 12

There was a lot to soak in during the "extended" season finale. Not even the Cacao Mother could have predicted what was going to happen. 

How am I going to wait until sometime in 2019 to get answers? 

If you think about it, there was no good way out of this layered mess. 

From the jump, everything about Charles and Liza's relationship has been complicated and now, as she tries to untangle her web of lies, there are inevitable casualties. 

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Some secrets and lies could be spun in a positive PR light, but others could ruin the company. 

Interestingly enough, Quinn didn't so much find a problem with Liza lying about her age (it's covered under the "ageism umbrella") as she did with the in-office romance between an office exec and his younger assistant. 

Apparently, not even the word "consensual" holds any weight in our climate. And while I’m a staunch supporter of Charles and Liza, I’m glad Younger didn't let them off the hook.  

They knew the risks, they knew the optics weren't in their favor, they heard HR's take on it, and they still decided to give into temptation. Someone was going to have to answer for it. 

We Have an Announcement - Younger Season 5 Episode 12

Unfortunately, when Liza rejected Cheryl’s Chick(y) offer, she wasn’t aware that she also knew about their rendezvous.

Liza knew she would retaliate, but assumed Cheryl would only reveal her real age which, at that point, Quinn said she had "handled."

She had absolutely no idea that her decision was about to taint Charles' reputation and cost him everything. 

I was pleasantly surprised that Liza was so transparent with Quinn about her lie. It was freeing that she just owned up to her truth with someone who encouraged her to celebrate it and didn't try to manipulate her with it like Cheryl did. 

Cheryl really is a piece of work. 

She wanted to buy Liza's loyalty by offering her a pretty payday, her own office and imprint, which in actuality, would benefit Plaza more than Liza.

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Yes, on the plus side she would be able to date Charles, but at the price of her freedom, integrity, and sanity.

Trading in a supportive workplace to work for a woman who is clearly off her rocker is not a good move. Did you see how she reacted to being rejected? She's more unstable than we thought. 

Also, Chick(y) is a terrible name -- can someone please let her know?

With Liza deciding to stay at Empirical, Charles' fate was sealed. If he wanted to salvage his father's company, he had to step down as the public face. 

This Is Your New Publisher - Younger Season 5 Episode 12

The most surprising move on his part was entrusting Kelsey as the new publisher even after she'd almost blackmailed him. 

Everyone would probably argue that Diana was the next in line for the throne after dedicating her life to the company, but Kelsey was the only logical choice since Quinn only expressed interest in Empirical because of Millennial's work. 

Yes, being essentially non-existent is terrible, but losing the investors for the company when it’s on the up-and-up is even worse. 

This marks some bold and controversial moves for Empirical; not only will it become a company run by strong and complex females, but it's also a company run by predominately young women. 

Enzo: You know, this is dangerous. Most plumbers wives forbid them from going anywhere near a Fatberg.
Diana: Really? Should you even be doing this?
Enzo: I have to, I gotta duty.
Diana: (laughing)

Diana immediately realized that the "older" folks were being "snuffed out," so what does that mean for her future? She's still Head of Marketing, as one viewer pointed out, but will she feel betrayed as she hasn't been looped into any of the decision process that led to Charles' new role.  

Will she be more understanding of Liza's motives when she finally finds out the truth about her age? Contrary to popular belief, I really don't think she has the slightest clue about Liza's lie. Does it even matter if she knows?

Introducing Cheryl was the series' way to stir-the-pot for Liza and Charles, but highlighting the history between Cheryl and Diana could be foreshadowing their eventual teaming. 

Maybe Diana will go work for Plaza and Chick(y) instead? There are so many avenues Younger can take with all these storylines. 

I Have a Deal - Younger Season 5 Episode 12

Will Quinn actually capitalize on Liza's lies? It seems silly that this hadn't occurred to anyone before even when they made it a point to say ageism was a real thing that women dealt with every single day. 

Why wouldn't they acknowledge that they have a story just waiting to be told?

But at least not that Charles has been put at arm's length from the company, Charles and Liza can have that relationship they always wanted.

You'd think they would be exuding pure bliss, but I was not convinced by Charles' speech that he was happily entering a new phase of life. 

Even when you know it won't work it's still hard when it doesn't.

For a moment, the ending felt like a series finale with the two of them walking off into their "happy ever after," but almost immediately following the kiss, their demeanors changed. 

Was that the look of uncertainty at what the future holds? Was it resentment? I'm going with the latter. 

He didn't want this, she didn't want this, neither of them wanted this. Or at least, not like this. They are starting off their journey on the wrong foot.

I'm almost at the point where I wonder if they have authentic feelings for each other or if they were simply caught up in the allure of forbidden love? If their relationship was just a fun fantasy to spice up their day-to-day.

This Is What We Wanted - Younger Season 5 Episode 12

It almost felt as if the honeymoon phase ended and the realization that their real-life was beginning set in.

Will they even go public with their romance? Will they be as into each other now that he isn't around the office as often?

That kind of pressure could ruin any relationship. Imagine if things don't actually work out, then all of their sacrifices were for nothing.

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Of course, I could be wrong about all of this, and Younger Season 6 could start with Liza and Charles very much in love as she enjoys new challenges at work and he enjoys his newfound freedom. 

The publisher position ensures that Kelsey won at Empirical, but in the process, lost Zane. 

In what could have been his last moment's of glory, he stood there and told her that he was used to be in love with her. Let's just re-live that moment for a second -- Zane said he loved her, and she did not pounce on him right then and there. 

What is wrong with her?

I Loved You - Younger Season 5 Episode 12

She let him walk out of her life. Sure, Zane played dirty because he obviously already had another job lined up -- I wouldn't be surprised if it is with very-punchable Gayheart Schmidt from Younger Season 5 Episode 11 -- but can't they just put the office politics aside and give their relationship a try?

Charles Michael Davis hasn't been mentioned as a returning character for Younger Season 6, but I'm not ready to see him go just yet. 

He's proven that he truly cares about her and has true feelings, though, I wasn't really pleased with his comment about not wanting to work for a woman who is his peer. Come on, dude. 

Diana may have lost out on the promotion, but she's the only one winning in the romance department, even if she is covered in literal shit from the Fatberg. Hey, someone has to keep the city clean ... especially in New York. He really is a hero! 

And at least Enzo's near-death experience made her realize that she has genuine feelings for him.

I'm crossing my fingers for an Italian-Trout wedding! Can you imagine all the outfits and the necklaces from the costume department? It would be like the Royal wedding 2.0! 

Fatberg - Younger Season 5 Episode 12

Josh is also moving into a new phase in life -- he's going to be a dad! 

I hate to be all cliche and say I told you so, but I told you so. When Lauren shrieked after opening the door for the summoned Cacao Mother, I paused my TV and squealed out in delight that I was right.  

There's no pregnancy announcement like a Younger pregnancy announcement. 

All the recent pregnancy talk with Malkie and Maggie was also alluding right to this moment, plus, there had to be a reason why Clare just ghosted him after the wedding. 

Well, she really wants a baby, and I'm really high on a weeknight and happy that way.


If I remember correctly, on Younger Season 5 Episode 1, Josh said something along the lines of "Clare isn't ready." We thought he was referring to the whole "being married and coming to America" thing, but it was most likely the whole "we're having a baby thing."

Here's a crazy theory: what if Josh's dream when they summoned the Cacao Mother was actually a look into the future?

What if Younger was trying to tell us that come Season 6, Clare will leave the baby for Josh to raise, Liza will realize she loves him, and they come together as one happy family?

Cacao Mother - Younger

I'm not personally supporting this theory because I don't think it stays true to Liza's character nor is she in that space in her life; however, it is definitely a possibility. The series has made it a point to keep the door open for Josh and gave #TeamJosh plenty of hopeful moments. 

It also could just have been a dream to help him realize that being a sperm donor isn't his calling. Either way, it solidifies what we've all known -- he still loves Liza, so what now?

Will he try to make it work with his wife for the baby's sake? He was adamant about having a kid with someone he loves. 

Will Clare even want the baby? Will he lean on Liza for support? 

I'm just excited to see Maggie and Lauren spoil this child and teach him or her the ropes. 

I'd also point out that when they showed Charles in the promo for the season finale, the words "The End" flashed across the screen, whereas when they showed Josh, the words "The Beginning" popped up.

It could be in relation to Charles' role with Empirical ending and Josh's new, adult life beginning, but maybe it has more significance? 

Heading into Younger Season 6 I’m eager to see how the power dynamics have changed not only at Empirical/ Millennial but also, with Liza, Charles, and Josh. 

I can't believe we have to wait this long once again, but as the saying goes, the absence makes the heart grow fonder. It was a pleasure sharing this season with all you Younger fans.

Do yourself a solid and watch Younger online, then sound off in the comments with your Season 6 predictions! 

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Younger Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Well, she really wants a baby, and I'm really high on a weeknight and happy that way.


Enzo: You know, this is dangerous. Most plumbers wives forbid them from going anywhere near a Fatberg.
Diana: Really? Should you even be doing this?
Enzo: I have to, I gotta duty.
Diana: (laughing)