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Gretchen and Jimmy sit in bed together, Jimmy reading and Gretchen browsing social media. Gretchen notes that Heather is pregnant ("again") and makes comments about perhaps accompanying Heather for her "abobo" (abortion). Jimmy has no idea who Heather is and Gretchen explains that she's one of Gretchen's crew of friends. Jimmy insists he's never heard of any of those girls. Jimmy tells Gretchen she doesn't need to pretend to have friends, because he doesn't either -- he believes friends are for babies. Gretchen accidentally 'likes' Vernon's photo on Jimmy's phone. Jimmy gets upset, chastising Gretchen for having done that. Elsewhere, in an appointment with a patient, Vernon is excited when he notices the Instagram notification and tells his patient that "it finally happened."

Gretchen and Lindsay sit on a bench and have a discussion about Heather's pregnancy and Lindsay's success with online dating (where she is receiving sexts and forwarding the penis pictures to a gay porn site that pays her for them). Lindsay calls Gretchen's group of girlfriends "basic." Gretchen decides to have a party to reunite with "her girls" and Lindsay mentions that it would be a great idea to invite Paul to rub in his face how great she's doing. Gretchen and Lindsay mess with a jogger.

Jimmy and Edgar unload a ton of alcohol from Jimmy's car. Edgar mentions that he thinks Lindsay is beginning to consider him as a sexual option and that he wants to pursue her -- Jimmy reacts negatively. Edgar agrees, thinking the negativity is due to the fact that Lindsay is still technically married. He comes up with the idea to ask Paul for his permission to pursue Lindsay, which Jimmy finds humorous. Edgar mentions that he might ask Paul at Gretchen's party. Jimmy expresses surprise, not having known there was a party and not having agreed to one.

Edgar goes to visit Paul, who is living in the backyard of his biking buddy Connor, because Connor's wife was recently killed after being dragged by a semi in a freak biking accident. Paul tells Edgar in excruciating detail all the "really sad things" about Connor's wife's death. Edgar interrupts, telling Paul he wants to go after "Paul's woman." Paul mistakes that for his new girlfriend Amy and requests that Edgar not go after Amy, but Edgar clarifies that he means Lindsay. Paul is relieved and says he's glad that Lindsay is moving on, mentioning that now he can move Amy out of the Days Inn.

Gretchen prepares for her party. Lindsay helps with party prep by eating handfuls of only green M&Ms. Edgar makes cupcakes. Jimmy is visibly uncomfortable at the sight of the partygoers entering who ignore his "Take your shoes off" sign. Killian hangs around in the kitchen, bartending.

Jimmy anxiously looks after the partygoers and keeps putting coasters under people's glasses. Gretchen asks Jimmy what Killian is doing there and Jimmy explains that Killian said it was a scary time as his parents were taking time apart, so he invited Killian in and put him to work. Jimmy also expresses unease that Gretchen is now referring to this as a party, when he'd thought it was just a "get together."

Lindsay finds out and reports to Gretchen that she was catfished -- her date was actually a 9 year old boy. She bemoans that she won't have a date to show off to Paul and wonders what to do.

Gretchen spots her friends and excitedly rushes off over to them, shouting greetings. They tell her to shush because one of them (Bernadette) brought her sleeping baby with her. Heather explains that she's not drinking because she's pregnant (and not having an abortion, as Gretchen assumed). Another of the friends, Justine, is revealed to be a recovering, sober alcoholic. Cory, who is absent, "fell on hard times. They mention that they haven't all hung out in a while, so Gretchen's party is like a mini-reunion for them all.

Lindsay morosely downs a bowl of chip crumbs, spilling them on herself. Edgar tries to approach Lindsay and open up a conversation about their potential relationship and what happened when he took the nearly-naked photos of her for her online dating profiles.

Paul interrupts them, introducing Lindsay to Amy. Amy is apologetic and careful not to offend Amy. Lindsay quickly recovers, pretending that Edgar is her new boyfriend (much to Edgar's glee and Paul's vague annoyance).

Vernon finds Jimmy, who is hanging out in a separate room alone, reading a book. He brings up Jimmy liking his Instagram picture and bemoans the fact that their relationship keeps going south. Paul barges in to announce to them both that he (Paul) has a girlfriend.

Gretchen converses with her old friends, trying to reminisce about old stories that they'd clearly rather forget. Cory, the "fallen on hard times" friend and an obvious drunken mess, unexpectedly shows up. Gretchen is happy to see Cory and to see that Cory is still a mess. The other friends dismiss Cory and walk away from her after she is obnoxious to them.

Gretchen asks Cory what happened between her and the other girls and Cory notes that, among other things, Heather accused Cory of stealing her stereo (Cory says She also reveals to Gretchen that she was kicked out of the shelter she was staying in and that her dog bit a kid's face.

Vernon makes fun of a drunken Paul behind his back as Paul rambles on to Jimmy and after Paul leaves, Vernon convinces Jimmy to play darts with him.

Paul returns to where Amy is talking with Edgar and Lindsay, having thrown up. Amy lapses into sign language with Paul, and they chat about how Paul is learning it because of her. Lindsay grows increasingly sad watching Paul and Amy's interactions.

The sober friends mention to Gretchen that they are heading out because it's late for them. Gretchen apologizes for not having reached out in a year, but they correct her that it was actually over 3 years. She begs them to hang out, all four of them, and ditch the baby. The baby-having friend says she doesn't want to ditch her baby and party anymore, and assures Gretchen that Gretchen will one day feel the same way.

Lindsay stands outside alone, smoking sadly. Edgar approaches her with savory potato cupcakes, which she turns down. Lindsay apologizes to Edgar for using him to make Paul jealous and admits that Amy is really nice. She also notes that he (Edgar) is nice too, as is Paul, and that she (Lindsay) is not nice. She mentions that she is materialistic and never learned to shower well. Edgar interrupts her by kissing her suddenly. She is shocked and asks what he is doing. When he starts to explain, she notices Paul looking and encourages Edgar to keep kissing her since her ex is watching them.

Paul intently watches Lindsay and Edgar kiss from inside the house. Amy approaches him, communicating in sign language and then embracing him. He returns the embrace but still keeps an eye on Edgar and Lindsay, who continue to exaggeratedly make out.

Vernon and Jimmy continue to play darts. Jimmy mocks Gretchen for thinking he needs friends. Vernon suddenly interrupts to give Jimmy a heartfelt speech about how he (Vernon) was born dead. He gushes about friendship and how he loves Jimmy. Jimmy reacts in horror at the display of camaraderie and tries to kick Vernon out. Killian interrupts to also thank Jimmy for letting him join the party and calls him a good friend. Jimmy reacts in horror again.

Edgar, Lindsay, Jimmy and Gretchen sit around after everyone clears out, just the four of them in the living room, digesting the events of the party. Edgar gives Lindsay a back massage. Jimmy asks Gretchen how it was reconnecting with her girls and she admits that they aren't her girls anymore. She also wonders about how everything changed so much and how she now has no one to go dancing with. Lindsay offers to go dancing with Gretchen, but they decide to stick around the house and drink and dance there. They suddenly notice that the stereo is missing.

Outside, Cory drives up to where Killian is in front of the house. She asks him if he wants to buy a speaker for $25. He tells her he only made $6 bartending. She insults him, calling him a midget, and then drives off.

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

This gay porn site pays me ten bucks a dick. (gasps) I have a job!


I can't believe she's pregnant again. What a dummy. I wonder how much an abobo even costs these days!