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Jimmy and Nina passionately make out on her bar and start to have sex. Jimmy moves to suck on her toes but sees that they are black from her skiing career. It turns Jimmy off. Nina stops the sex, mentioning that they should have sex "right" instead of as a drunken hookup on the bar. She invites him up to her cabin later that night. Jimmy agrees, asking her not to knock and blaming it on his roommate.

Edgar preps for his improv. Dorothy joins him and reports that her old roommates are renting her room. She thanks Edgar for allowing her to crash with him and expresses excitement about getting her own place for the first time. Edgar mentions that he hopes Jimmy likes his improv  and emphasizes that it is his first chance to show Jimmy that he is something else.

Lindsay joins Becca in the nursery, where Becca is putting up decals. Lindsay confesses that after her near death experience, she reevaluated her life and her relationships. She confesses to Becca that she stole the key to the house of the family that Becca used to babysit for when they were teenagers, so she could make out with a boy. Becca is furious. Lindsay apologizes for being a bad sister, telling Becca she loves her and wants to be better to her. Becca brings up Paul and asks whether Lindsay has apologized to him for dragging out the divorce. Lindsay asks whether the baby's gender is known and Becca tells her that they've kept it a secret, to be revealed at the baby shower. When Becca makes a comment about her mucus length, Lindsay asks her to stop because she's been feeling nauseous due to "questionable yogurt toppings."

Jimmy tries to sneak out with a bag but sees Gretchen laying down and unresponsive. He rants at her about how she is being dramatic and annoying. She refuses to acknowledge him. He checks and sees she is alive, and he tells her that he is leaving for a few days. She texts him that she just wants to be alone and when is he going to leave. Jimmy gets annoyed and tells her that he won't leave because it is his house. He sits down and puts on TV. He takes Gretchen's phone and texts all her contacts, saying that if she won't talk to him then she'll have to talk to one of her friends.

Sam, Honeynutz, Shitstain, Vernon, Becca, Killian, Lindsay, her crazy drug addict friend Cory, and the discontent older married neighbor Rob all stop by to talk to an unresponsive, non-moving Gretchen, trying to give her various pep talks. Jimmy has Henry Rollins (who was in Gretchen's phone, mysteriously) Skype in to talk to her as well, though he is unsure what to say. Gretchen is unmoved and unreactive to everyone's speeches.

Dorothy presents Edgar's Improv 101 class at their graduation. Edgar looks over to see  if Jimmy is in the audience and sees someone he believes to be Jimmy in the shadows on the balcony. Edgar does really well during the show, getting lots of laughs and repeatedly smiling up at where he thinks Jimmy is sitting. At the end of the show, Edgar realizes that who he thought was Jimmy is another blonde short-haired person and looks upset.

Paul and Amy joyfully play frisbee in the park. As Paul walks away to go pay the parking meter, Lindsay suddenly appears and speaks to Amy alone. She quizzes Amy on whether Amy really loves Paul. Amy emphatically says that she does. Lindsay expresses her appreciation of Amy's love for Paul and that Amy is a good match for him. Lindsay gives Amy the divorce papers that she's signed and gives Amy pointers on taking care of Paul. Lindsay tosses the frisbee into the woods, in retaliation for Amy "stealing her husband" and leaves. She is hit with sudden nausea as she's leaving and throws up in the garbage can.

Jimmy walks Killian out, ignoring Killian trying to explain his serious family and personal troubles. Jimmy turns back to find Gretchen standing upright, finally. He begs her to please explain. Gretchen explains that unlike the other times she has been depressed, she is unable to fix herself and that "this is how [she] is now." She breaks up with Jimmy and tells him that she'll be moved out by the time he returns in a few days. She tells him to have fun and that he deserves to have fun with whoever she is.

Jimmy leaves with his bag, but has a change of heart when he sees Gretchen's filthy car with "suck it!" and a penis drawn on the car window. He dives behind a bush when he hears Nina drive up and ignores her text messages.

Dorothy congratulates Edgar on his great show, but Edgar is down in the dumps about Jimmy missing the show. He realizes that Jimmy still just sees him as a freeloader despite all the improvements Edgar has made. Dorothy comforts him and invites him along to look at the new apartment she is viewing.

Nina angrily texts Jimmy repeated messages, which Jimmy ignores. Finally, he responds by using the "New phone, who dis?" line. She angrily storms up to the door to confront Jimmy but spots him hiding behind the bushes instead. She gives him a withering look and leaves.

Jimmy returns to the house and sees Gretchen back in her position lying prone on the floor. He grabs a pillow and walks over to her.

Dorothy and Edgar look at the apartment and Dorothy raves about how much she loves it, though it is out of her price range. Edgar offers to split it with her, suggesting moving in together. Dorothy is moved and happy, and they agree to do it.

Gretchen wakes up and sees that Jimmy has built a fort out of blankets and pillows around them. She is shocked that he stayed and breaks down in tears, embracing him. Jimmy holds her as she cries.

Lindsay pees on a pregnancy test in the street. She looks at it and says "Farts."

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Some of the most legendary geniuses of our time suffered from depression. David Foster Wallace, Hemingway, Spalding Gray, Boner from Growing Pains...

Sam [to Gretchen]

Jimmy: Oh my god!
Nina: What? Oh, stop. Skiing is rough on the feet.
Jimmy: Skiing?! It looks like these things got caught in the gears of a clock!