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Jimmy and Gretchen eat cereal and casually chat about Jimmy's hookup with Nina. They discuss Gretchen's depression and the fact that she's feeling better. Jimmy expresses confusion over why Gretchen isn't on anti-depressants. Gretchen says she didn't want to lose her edge. Gretchen insists that they just proved that she doesn't need medication and that Jimmy actually can fix her.

Lindsay bursts in and announces to Gretchen that she is pregnant. Jimmy leaves in a hurry. Gretchen is shocked that the microwave insemination worked. Lindsay tells Gretchen that she is not telling Paul and that she is moving on. The girls discuss Becca's baby shower later that day. Lindsay wonders who the girl is that Jimmy hooked up with. Gretchen insists it doesn't matter, but looks doubtful when Lindsay mentions she should see what kind of "slizz" she's up against.

At the baby shower, Vernon brews up his trash juice against Becca's orders. On the way to the party, Dorothy coaches Edgar not to be nervous to tell Jimmy he is moving out. Edgar is nervous anyway. Lindsay tells Becca that she is pregnant. Becca is furious at Lindsay. Lindsay tells Becca she is not keeping it and asks Becca not to tell Paul.

Jimmy complains to Edgar that Gretchen was never on anti-depressants and that now she feels she never needs to take them because Jimmy can "fix" her. He also complains about needing to be the emotional bedrock to Killian, Edgar, and Gretchen, to Edgar's visible consternation. Jimmy decides to get drunk at the party, though Edgar warns him not to get next-level drunk around these party guests.

Gretchen, in a hat and large sunglasses-type of flimsy disguise, goes to Nina's bar to scope out the competition. Nina immediately recognizes Gretchen and pours her a drink on the house. The two chat in a friendly way about Jimmy's eccentricities and annoying behavior and seem to get along. Nina asks Gretchen to grab a table with her and though Gretchen is a little taken aback, she agrees.

Paul and Amy compliment one another at the baby shower, being lovey-dovey. Once Amy walks away, Becca swoops in and tells Paul about Lindsay's pregnancy. Paul says that a condom in a microwave wouldn't work. Paul calculates that Lindsay could have gotten pregnant the last time he and Lindsay had sex and runs off, panicked, to Becca's maniacal glee.

Nina and Gretchen chat and laugh at the bar about Jimmy's weird childishness. Gretchen comments that something about Nina is captivating and tries to make out with her. Nina is freaked out and kicks Gretchen out of the bar, after Gretchen chases her around trying to kiss her.

At the party, Paul is nervous and on the toilet reading a baby book. Vernon barges in and interrupts Paul to beg him for more money since he is cash-strapped and has maxxed out all his cards thanks to the Russian woman controlling his finances. Paul throws books at Vernon and gets him to leave as Vernon shouts that he hates Paul.

Jimmy gets completely wasted on Vernon's trash juice and proceeds to rant to Edgar about having gotten stuck with a lemon (Gretchen) and how upset he is that Gretchen didn't take medication when she could have. He mentions that he was taking care of Gretchen in the pillow fort on Wednesday, the night of Edgar's graduation performance, and Edgar happily realizes that Jimmy had a good reason for missing his graduation. Edgar tells Jimmy he is moving out. Jimmy makes Edgar have doubts about Dorothy's intentions in moving in together and whether Dorothy herself is a "lemon." He insinuates that Dorothy manipulated Edgar into moving in with her.

Edgar breaks the news to a distraught Dorothy that he isn't moving in with her and that he overreacted to Jimmy missing the performance. Edgar tries to tell her that maybe he'll be ready in a few years. Dorothy tells him that she doesn't have a few years and tries to change his mind. Edgar stands firm and Dorothy begins to cry.

Paul breaks the news to Amy about the baby. He goes to talk with Lindsay, with scratches on his neck, explaining that he began charting his life and that it is possible that the baby was conceived from his preejaculate in the 37 seconds that they had sex without a condom. He tells Lindsay that he broke up with Amy and tells Lindsay he wants to get back together with her and have the baby, bringing up the fact that Lindsay exhibited selfless love when she didn't try to trap him with news of the baby. Lindsay is uncertain, telling Paul that she was so unhappy with him. Paul sadly leaves, asking her to just think about it.

Jimmy gets to his level of "happy drunk" and interrupts Becca and Vernon's gender announcement at the party, derailing with a long-winded speech in which he mentions how great Edgar is. Edgar mentions that he broke up with Dorothy because Jimmy told him to and drunk Jimmy is shocked that he did that, commenting that Dorothy is so great. Edgar runs off to make up with Dorothy.

As Jimmy begins talking about how difficult and rewarding Gretchen is (like a Sunday crossword puzzle), Gretchen shows up at the party. She calms Jimmy down and gets him to stop his speech, sitting him down. Vernon grabs the mic and starts to give his own speech, confessing to having been born dead and to giving up control of his finances to a Russian woman who bankrupted him. As Vernon is dragged off by Becca, Gretchen tells Jimmy about how she tried to make out with Nina. Jimmy is surprised that Nina didn't allow Gretchen to kiss her because Gretchen is hot.

Paul sings a song at the party and is joined by Lindsay. They sing a romantic duet, reuniting, to wine-guzzling Becca's annoyance. 

Edgar goes after Dorothy, trying to convince her that just because he's not ready to move in with her doesn't mean they have to break up. Dorothy is confused and wonders why Edgar thought they broke up. She tells Edgar that she is just taking the bus home to show him that she's mad at him and that they had a little fight. She asks if he wants to get food with her, and they happily go off together, having made up.

Vernon sweetly brings Becca the gender reveal cake. As they prepare to cut into it, she questions him about how much money he lost. He tells her it was a lot of money.

As Paul and Lindsay holding hands leave the party, Paul tells Lindsay he got into a new hobby. Her face falls when she sees his side car motorcycle, remembering earlier when she commented that the side car was for "poor people and dogs." She looks regretful and sad while Paul looks ecstatic as they drive away from the party.

Back at home, Gretchen feeds drunken Jimmy fries and puts him to bed. She curls up with him, smiling. Later that night, she wakes up and sits outside smoking. Jimmy joins her. She tells him that she's going to see a doctor and talk to someone about going on medication. She mentions that when Jimmy was passed out, he said something "pretty dark" to her. He asks not to know what it was. Gretchen agrees not to tell him but says "I love you too." Jimmy looks startled, but then they both begin to smile.

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I'm going to get absolutely snozzled.


Jimmy: You're not on antidepressants?
Gretchen: Shit, no. I don't want to lose my edge.