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Edgar talks to Jimmy about Dorothy and how Gretchen has been sneaking out in the middle of the night.

Gretchen interrupts them, and Jimmy tells her she looks tired, which insults her. She tells them that Sam released Shitstain's chinchilla out into the wild and that the faux-feud is out of control. She leaves, and Edgar encourages Jimmy to just ask Gretchen directly what's going on.

Lindsay struggles to keep things up around her house. Her utilities are all off because she hasn't paid. She calls Paul to ask for help but, at Amy's urging, he tells her that he won't help her because it's no longer his problem and he hangs up on Lindsay.

Sam, Shitstain and Honeynutz attend a group therapy session with Gretchen. She tries to resolve the feud but Sam ends up storming out and refusing her idea for a reunion tour.

Edgar, at his improv class, stays behind after class to talk to Dorothy. He asks her out directly and she asks if it's a bit. He tries to play it off, but she agrees to a date with him.

Lindsay and Jimmy are out to lunch. Lindsay thanks Jimmy for picking her up, since her car is out of oil. She complains about how she's living like a frontierswoman ever since Paul stopped doing everything for her. Jimmy brings up the reason that he asked Lindsay out: to ask her about where she thinks Gretchen's been sneaking out to in the middle of the night. Lindsay says Gretchen probably has a "side bitch" and rants about her own situation, applying it to Gretchen and Jimmy's relationship. She declines Jimmy's offer of a ride home and says she'll figure it out on her own.

Jimmy goes home and snoops through Gretchen's stuff. He finds her burner phone and texts the one unlabeled number in the phone, planning to meet up with the mystery person at a bar opening later that night.

Lindsay struggles to find her way home, but resists calling Paul for help. She decides to walk home, but eventually wilts in the sun and is forced to take off her shoes. She then decides to steal a little girl's bike. She realizes that she just rode the bike in a circle and wound up exactly where she started.

Gretchen arrives home and Jimmy invites her out to the bar opening. Gretchen is suspicious that Jimmy wants to go to a new bar opening when he only likes old sketchy bars. Jimmy convinces her by mentioning Edgar's likelihood of bringing his date home that night, which grosses Gretchen out.

Dorothy and Edgar go on their date. Dorothy complains about the sexism in comedy and the sexual harassment she's experienced. Edgar encourages her to be more straightforward with her feelings about the guys' behavior, likening it to how he was afraid to ask her out but did so anyway. They kiss.

Gretchen and Jimmy go to the bar opening; the bar ends up being a pretentious "artisanal water bar." Jimmy texts the mystery number again and tries to figure out who Gretchen has been texting with. He spots Ty Wyland, Gretchen's old flame, and confronts him about sneaking around with Gretchen (assuming Ty is the mystery texter). Ty is confused by Jimmy's accusations. At that moment, Jimmy gets another text from the mystery person. He spots Sam off at the other end of the bar.

Gretchen returns and is surprised to see Ty, who immediately hits on her and tells her that it's his bar. Jimmy leaves them alone to catch up while he goes to find Sam, to the displeasure of Gretchen.

Becca watches an instructional video of Vernon teaching her how to do a perineal massage in preparation for childbirth. Lindsay shows up, interrupting her, and Becca offers her house for Lindsay to stay in until her power is turned back on.

At the water bar, Jimmy confronts Sam and asks him whether he's Gretchen's side bitch. Sam vehemently denies it and vaguely insults Gretchen. He explains to Jimmy about having given Gretchen the "God phone." Sam leaves to go hit on a girl, leaving a befuddled Jimmy behind.

Meanwhile, Ty continues to bore Gretchen until Jimmy comes over and manages to get Ty to leave by pretending to spot Christoph Waltz.

Gretchen pulls Jimmy outsidw to confront him.

Alone in Becca's house, Lindsay manages to get into Vernon's safe and sees that he has tons of pills. She takes the bottle.

Edgar oversees Dorothy arguing with the comedy guys. Spotting Edgar, she is encouraged to stand up to the guys and call them out on their sexual harassment. Her confrontation degrades into Tall Nathan insulting everyone (and bringing up the fact that he and Dorothy had been hooking up for years) and leaving the group. The rest of the guys follow suit. Dorothy expresses her sadness that the group has disbanded and she wasted her time on them for so much of her life. Edgar asks what he can do to help, and she asks him to hang out with her since she now has tons of free time.

Back at Becca's house, Lindsay stumbles around. Paul shows up and she tells him she doesn't know how to do anything. She puts the moves on him and suddenly sees that it was actually Vernon. Vernon rebuffs her advances, telling her that though he's tempted he can't cheat on the mother of his child. She asks Vernon whether she's useless, and he reassures her. She asks him to hold her and he spoons her and squeezes her boob.

Back at Jimmy's, Gretchen sneaks out again. Jimmy puts on his disguise-moustache and follows her in his car to spy on her. He finds her pulled over at any overlook sobbing in her car.

He rushes over to the car and asks what's wrong. She assures him that they're fine and she isn't cheating on him, explaining that she brings her phone with her and sneaks off so she can play snake while she cries. Jimmy is gleeful and leaves her alone to continue her crying. 

You're the Worst
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You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Hm. Maybe I should be more direct. I mean with Lindsay, I got friend-zoned for life. One time she texted me, "Yo girl, wanna get brunch?"


Edgar: You mean just ask [Dorothy] out?
Jimmy: No, get her hammered and finger-bang her in your car.