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Gretchen lies in bed on her phone as Jimmy sleeps. Jimmy wakes up and tells her about a dream he had where she was Janis Joplin and expresses disappoint that Gretchen is just herself and not Janis Joplin. Jimmy asks whether she is OK after crying in her car the night before. She tells him she is fine.

Gretchen goes down to breakfast and meets Dorothy. Gretchen does not particularly like her and immediately pins her as a theater person. Dorothy is extremely upbeat and friendly to both Gretchen and Jimmy. Edgar tells them that he didn't have time to go grocery shopping. Gretchen gets upset and demands they go to the diner. Edgar tells them they can't because there is a marathon and it is the worst day to drive. They are all stuck in the house for the day. Gretchen is anxious about it and drinks a lot of vodka to cope.

Jimmy finds out that there is a mouse in the house, that made a nest in the garage, and flips out, though everyone else is of the opinion that it's OK as long as the mouse isn't bothering anybody. Jimmy demands to go take care of the mouse problem and Edgar agrees to go with him. They leave behind Gretchen and Dorothy awkwardly dancing to no music in the living room.

Edgar and Jimmy look for the mouse. Edgar asks what he thinks about Dorothy and tells Jimmy that he hopes it's OK that Edgar invited Dorothy to stay with them for a while. Jimmy confesses about finding Gretchen crying in the car. Edgar is visibly concerned but Jimmy tries to blow it off as not a big deal.

Gretchen and Dorothy continue dancing in the living room. Dorothy tries to tell her about joke Vine videos that she posts and to get Gretchen to participate but Gretchen refuses to have anything to do with it or hear about it.

As Dorothy rushes off to get an avocado for the video, Lindsay shows up at the house, sweaty and tired. She explains that she abandoned her car and walked through the marathon in order to make it to Jimmy's house because she needed to get out of Becca's house since Becca is driving her crazy. She confesses to Gretchen that she allowed Vernon to grope her breast.

Dorothy comes back to meet Lindsay, taking notes as she listens to Lindsay and Gretchen talk and asking if Lindsay's voice is her real voice. Edgar joins them briefly and introduces Dorothy to Lindsay, telling Lindsay that Dorothy is crashing with him for a while and that the two women will really like each other. Lindsay is visibly perturbed.

Vernon shows up and asks to speak to Lindsay privately. He complains to her about being sex-starved by Becca and asks Lindsay to keep quiet about it. He offers to give her money in exchange for keeping quiet, which she accepts.

Edgar, Gretchen, Lindsay, Dorothy and Vernon continue to dance in the living room, listening to Shitstain and Honeynutz's new song. Gretchen comments that the feud is working a bit too well and that Sam is totally going to fire her.

Jimmy runs up in pursuit of the mouse. He thinks that he hears it under the refrigerator and recruits Gretchen to come help him. Gretchen drunkenly lies on the counter as Jimmy soliloquizes about how the mouse actually has a larger significance because there was a mouse in his childhood home.

Back in the living room, Dorothy tries to teach Vernon improv to no avail, as Lindsay asks Edgar if he's made at her and tells him that she misses him. He ignores her flirtations and tells her that she should hang out with him and Dorothy some time. Lindsay confronts Dorothy, telling her to back off of Edgar.

Gretchen realizes that they are out of alcohol and spirals out of control. She cruelly insults everyone there before exploding that they are all sucking the air out of the room and she wants to escape but can't. Jimmy cuts her off by pointing out the mouse and she drops a heavy book on the rodent.

Gretchen retreats to her room, where she and Lindsay discuss the reappearance of Gretchen's clinical depression. Lindsay tries to convince Gretchen to tell Jimmy about it and comforts her friend.

Vernon, Edgar, Dorothy, and Jimmy give the mouse a "humane" death by putting it in a box labeled "rocket ship to heaven" and attaching the box to the gas pipe of the car. Gretchen returns with Lindsay and apologizes to everyone, blaming the outburst on her being drunk.

Dorothy tells Edgar she thinks that his friends don't like her very much. Edgar reassures her that he likes her.

Alone, Jimmy asks Gretchen what is wrong. She confesses that she has clinical depression and asks that he just accept her and the fact that he can't fix her. Jimmy half-jokes that he might be able to, since he caught the mouse. They hug, Jimmy looking perturbed, as another mouse runs across the garage and Jimmy spots it.

You're the Worst
Episode Number:

You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Jimmy: Hakuna ma-ta-ta!
Gretchen: Did you just quote The Lion King to me?
Jimmy: The lion what? No, it's a Swahili phrase.

Who's the rando?