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Jimmy meets with two executives about a job writing the novelizations of TV or film. He ends up getting a job writing a novelization of NCIS: LA, which he is very excited about because he loves the show.

Jimmy tells Gretchen and Edgar about his new job writing the novelization. Gretchen is impressed with him. Edgar tries to tell the friends about the improv class he's been taking but they ignore him. As soon as Gretchen and Edgar leave, Jimmy sets a romantic scene and proceeds to masturbate to his book of "Erotic Tales," written when he was eleven. Gretchen walks back in, surprising him, and tells him that this is the "most Jimmy thing" he's ever done. Jimmy is unfazed by her criticism.

At Edgar's improv class, he flirts with his improv teacher Dorothy, after she invites the class to her improv group's show.

Gretchen and Lindsay catch up at their favorite yogurt place, continuing to create a mess there and not pay for the yogurt despite the cashier who obviously hates them. Lindsay tells Gretchen about her attempted insemination. The two women complain about the men in their lives, vowing to talk about anything else other than men. They flounder in attempting to do that, coming up with only lame topics of conversation. They decide to meet back up the next day with prepared conversation topics.

At Jimmy's house, Jimmy continues working on his novelization. Edgar tells Jimmy about Dorothy's improv and invites him along. Jimmy mocks Edgar's hobby and tells him he'd rather stab himself in the bowels than go to the show.

Lindsay and Gretchen meet up, where Lindsay goes on a rant about all of the political topics that she read up on while she was trying to not think about men. Gretchen is alarmed by this change in Lindsay. Lindsay echoes opposing viewpoints that she's read on all of the major news topics.

Jimmy runs the extremely convoluted idea for his NCIS: LA novel across Killian. Killian suggests that it doesn't quite track. Jimmy agrees and is frustrated about writing the novel. Killian leaves to go back to school and Jimmy calls the female executive to tell her he doesn't think he can write the novelization. She encourages him and he hangs up on her. He spots the improv comedy schedule that Edgar left on the fridge and decides to go to the show.

Jimmy shows up at the Hey, Put That Down Brian! show, telling Edgar about his prepared list of (terrible) heckles. Despite being ready to mock the improv people, Jimmy ends up being overly impressed and enthused about the improv comedy, getting really into it.

At Lindsay's house, Gretchen watches TV as Lindsay tries to call the state capitol to complain about vaccines. Gretchen changes the subject by showing Lindsay a picture of Paul and Amy at a Beyonce concert, where Amy was ASL-translating for Beyonce's songs. Lindsay erupts, abandoning her plan to call the state capito. She and Gretchen decide to watch mindless TV instead to take Lindsay's mind off of her sadness.

Jimmy quizzes the improv guys about how they came up with their material. Edgar requests his advice on Dorothy, but Jimmy just continues to gush about the improv guys, ignoring Edgar's problem as usual. Jimmy tells Edgar that they are both talentless and will die without leaving an imprint on the world.

Edgar goes up to talk to Dorothy, who was chatting with Tall Nathan. He mentions meeting Nathan at his veteran's group. Dorothy is very impressed and asks to know everything about Edgar's time in the army, brushing off Tall Nathan.

Jimmy continues to talk to the improv guys about their jokes, convinced they wrote their jokes ahead of time. He tells them about his pre-written heckles, and they give him suggestions about improving the heckles by ending the joke on the funniest part. He admits that their improvements on the jokes are really good.

Jimmy returns home to find Gretchen in bed. He realizes that she's been masturbating to his "Erotic Tales" book. This encourages him to continue on in writing his next book, saying it will be the best literary erotic novel since Portnoy's Complaint. Gretchen requests that Jimmy read the erotic tales to her. He does and she gets very turned on.

Lindsay continues drinking wine and watching bad TV. She gets bored and texts Edgar. Edgar, meanwhile, is too busy flirting with Dorothy to realize that Lindsay texted. Tall Nathan steals Edgar's phone away and texts Lindsay back asking who she is. Lindsay puts her phone down, annoyed.

In the middle of the night, while she thinks Jimmy is asleep, Gretchen sneaks out again. She grabs her shoes and her old flip phone. Jimmy opens his eyes as soon as she closes the door behind her, revealing himself to have been awake the entire time, looking upset and worried.

You're the Worst
Episode Number:

You're the Worst Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Killian: Can I go back to school? My mom says I'm the man of the house now and that I have to get an education.
Jimmy: Sorry, when I gave you that sleeve of Poptarts was that for your help or your biography?

Edgar: So, Dorothy, you're in 'Brian'? I didn't know they had a girl.
Dorothy: Yeah, yeah, that's me. The lone vulva.