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A fireball crashes near the Northern Light base. Citizen Z is soon confronted by a mysterious Cosmonaut. Is he friend or foe? 

The survivors are suffering from dehydration, it's been a couple of days without water. They realize a zunami (herd of millions of zombies) is heading their way. Everyone manages to find safety inside a near by building. It turns out to be a morgue, complete with cadaver drawers and everything.

The doors can't possibly hold the zombies out. They decide to take their chances by locking themselves in the morgue drawers.

Meanwhile, Citizen Z and Yuri (the Cosmonaut) have really hit it off. They seem like old friends and even love the same tea. However Yuri keeps asking what's wrong with Citizen Z's dog. While it's true the dog hasn't moved in hours, he's probably just resting.

"What's different about today Simon?" Yuri asks. Now that freaks him out, how can this complete stranger know his name? Something is not right.

Zombies flood the little room, but with everyone inside a drawer and Roberta in a body bag our heroes are safe for now.

The creatures walk right past Murphy who makes his way outside unharmed. A quick reflection from a window above catches his eye. In one of the rooms Murphy finds a mother and child. Instead of helping them, he robs all their supplies and lets a zombie inside the building.

In the Arctic, the situation with Citizen Z and Yuri is getting tense. When Yuri forces him to understand he can't breath properly it becomes clear he is suffering from oxygen deprivation. Yuri, the Cosmonaut, is all in his mind. Once he takes care of the oxygen issues his dog wakes right up.

Murphy had the opportunity to walk right past the mortuary, after all the zombies don't attack him. Does he even need the group anymore? Instead, he makes his way back with food and water for his friends.

The group is extremely grateful to see Murphy. Roberta toasts in his honor "you may be the mission, but today you became our friend. Thank you."

He catches his reflection and realizes his eyes are changing. They guy looks more and more like a zombie every day.

Z Nation
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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Dude a fireball from outer space gives the base a haircut and you got nothing for me?

Citizen Z

Murphy: Now what?
Roberta: We wait them out.
Murphy: We can't just stay here and wait to die.